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Million Dollar Bill

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Whitney..... I always knew you would come back to us. I have never doubted you, your voice, the spirit of God in you. WHat the devil meant for evil, GOD...Jesus has turned it AROUND FOR YOUR GOOD! Stay focused, don't compromise and always keep GOD 1st in your life. Take care of yourself, and your family. Remember... you will become who you surround yourself with. MAke sure that the people who you allow in your presence, are adding to you and not taking away. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Love you do your thang girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Milwaukee,WI Have a concert in the states soon.

hey whitney im only 17 and i truely understand your music. I lost my mother when i was only 14 and even though you left in body you were always with me in my heart as a mother to me i look up to you so much. There is alot of temptation in this world but when i hear your God given testimony and your music, i keep my head up and i know that there is a way i love you so much mrs.whitney houston i wish that i could meet you face to face thats ALL i want for christmas.You have a wonderful christmas and a prospering new year love you and may God continue to bless you.

i love to hear million dollar bill.i love the beat to the song i rate it 5 stars =]

I truly believe that this cd is the vessel that God is using to get you back on track.
I was thinking on all the ups and downs you went through and I was inspired to write this poem for you, I didn’t really think of a title for it, but if I were to,
I guess I will call it “The change I saw in you” 12-22-09 completed 12-23-09

Straying away from the road, with no sense of direction,
Swerving out of control, numbed to all types of sensations,
you wanted to flair your arms up in a show of frustration.

So, many times you have fallen, because of the distractions in your life.
Losing all concentration and for what seemed to be some type of infection
invading your core of existence, the addiction you tried so very hard to hide.

I saw with my own eyes how “Step by step” this affliction tore
countless of holes into the deep fibers of your soul.
We all saw the devastation that was left behind by that undernourished,
one sided relationship you had before.
His name, I do not care to mention. Hah, as if I needed to say more!

You hid from the world as if it ever was possible, but it only triggered
stories so hard to swallow and to believe,
that it created a whole world of infatuation,
a frenzy of paparazzi, a non-stop, full blast acceleration of a media rollercoaster.
It was incredible the fascination with Whitney.

I along with so many others prayed and hoped you would come
out of that pit of degradation.
We all knew that with a little determination on your part
and a WHOLE lot of correction from Almighty God,
you would find your self worth and motivation.

I am sure one day you looked upon your reflection
and saw that your life had become like a best seller novel of fiction,
your head dull with so many unanswered questions.

You had enough; you stood up with a new spirit of self preservation!
Life had passed down its bitter education and
with this new sense of comprehension,
you reached out for strength,
in those who never wavered in their love
Through out your tribulations.

Now I can only stand in awe, at the extent of construction you under went
And how thanks to God you are back on track on a solid foundation.

Words to live by today and for always;
Don’t look back; don’t waver in your concentration.
Remain steadfast and let God, do your navigation.

Always give Him the glory and the admiration,
by remembering your humble beginnings.
And on that glorious day in Zion,
God will place upon you new robes
and will officiate your coronation.

Merry Christmas...Happy Birthday, Jesus. Happy holidays to everyone! We love you, Whitney. God bless you and your family on this blessed day and throughout the New Year. My prayer is that you will take the Lord with you everywhere you go in the coming year. Once again, we love you. To your fans, extended family, and friends, Happy Holidays!

Love the video...awesome! What can I say? I'm so incredibly inspired and so amazingly blessed. I get tickled pink when I see the joy in your eyes. Whatever Jesus did for you, I'm so glad that He did and it touches me when I see how you give Him all the glory and the honor. You go, girl. Nobody can ever produce a better Whitney because when you have His spirit, the voice in you will speak for itself. No one can take that away from you!

I love this song!

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Doug ADriver=Friend fan student

I saw your presentation in the music Million Dollar Bill at youtube that was in Moscow, 09 Dec 2009. When two women try to give you flowers and leaves the security they reach near the stage and you call them back to return the love ... parbéns Whitney, you had respect and affection with their fans and it got my attention ... God bless you.

Eu vi sua apresentação em da musica Million Dollar Bill pelo youtube que foi em Moscow, 09 Dec 2009. Quando duas mulheres tentam te entregar flores e os seguranças não deixa elas chegarem perto do palco e você as chama de volta para retribuir o carinho... parbéns Whitney, você teve respeito e carinho com suas fãn e isso me chamou muita atenção...Que Deus te abençoe.