Million Dollar Bill

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Dear Whitney Houston,

I am your big fan and I am from Bangladesh. I like and love your all songs very much. And Not only love your song also love to you very much. I always kiss to your picture and see dream to you. You are my Dream girl. I have a dream and wish directly love to you and stay with you. But How it possible? I cant come near of you CZ I have no ability for this but love you very much. You are a super Star and I am a simple person who live in Bangladesh. I want see successful my dream and wish. can I take any good response from you about my wish. I am waiting for your love. Please love me.

Whitney looks great and sounds amazing as always, love you forever and never will forget YOU! God bless you! R.I.P always!! Wink x

какая же она красивая

i miss you whitney! Smile Sad

Amazing that whitney die i miss her!

oh my darling whitney you are my million dollar bill I miss you so much and always have a tear in my eyes when I think of you you were and still are in my eyes an amazing lady and I will love you forever take care my sweet love you loads phil xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx