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I'm Every Woman

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I love this video, the song writers, former singer of the song. They all were in this video, it was great!!! All of Whitney's videos are great, this video she looked beautiful.
It is wonderful to see Whitney back! She sounds great, the songs seems personal.
I think people should buy two or three albums to give too friends and family, I will do so.
Keep up the good work- be blessed and stay strong.


eversince i saw the inrbio video, i fell inlove with whitney and i still and i very much love the new hits, she's still whitney

whitney nesse video está como ela sempre foi,impecável. Foi uma perda insuperável ela ter ficado um tempo sem gravar,ela é sensacional.

Ha vuelto la mejor, la mas grande voz de todos los tiempos.
Esperemos que haya vuelto y esta vez para quedarse para SIEMPRE.

She was, is and will be ALWAYS THE BEST.


Whitney you have been in my prayers. May you exceed your own expectations and may God bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you can think or imagine. Keep him first and the sky is the limit.
Min Geraldine Singleton


OMG! I love you so much Whitney you never left as far as I'm concern your music will live forever. I have always been a fan and I can't wait to get the new CD. Your music has touch me over and over again whatever I'm going threw I can always find a song by you to make me really let go of those feelings I'm having.

God Bless You! I love you!

Thank you almighty father for this VOICE! This was well worth the wait to finally have music we can say is real music, by a true and talented artist with one of the best voices of all time. Thank you Whitney for giving us your gift of great music, all of your fans prayers have been answered! We love you so much.

Stay strong! Keep those around you who want to know who you are not what you do! I enjoyed this release.

I have waited years for this new album and I have to say, I am disappointed. I wanted whitney to come back with a back but i do not hear one songs that sounds like truly whitney. the two closest are I didn't know my own strength and i look to you. I am truly truly let down what were the producers thinking? Am I alone in this