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Hi Whitney. I have been waiting for your new music. Can't wait to get and listen to you. May God just continue to BLESS you and your family.I always knew You would come back do one of the many things you do best. Sing !!!!!! On Stage. Ms. Whitney I wish you well. Looking Good !


Whitney, I have been a fan of yours for many years through all your songs that I love. Your a beautiful woman Whitney by who you are inside. Everyone sometimes have to fall back in that hole and crawl out on there knees to learn to walk again. Whitney, you did that and I praise you each and everyday. I love you so much Whitney, I cry for you not because I'm sad because your a great inspiration to me and many other fans out there that has felt all your Love, pain and happiness in the words of your music, I Look to you brought tears to my eyes. I love that song it's amazing and your amazing. Keep up the great work Whitney Houston and your always in my heart. God bless you through all your days and nights, I love you, I love you, I love you Whitney.

that song means alot to woman its a hit it true to good job whitney

yes yes yes, i will set the DVR for the 14th............i saw you with Clive day viewing your new albumn (CD) you said you took you time on this one. Will girl my Granny used to say sometimes you have to stand still in order to hear what is being said. I look too you is an good example..........can't wait to get the CD. By the way could someone please tell me were to find that Classic Whitney concert video or music (CD) Washington DC ....now that was a great concert..

I saw your Old Orchard Beach, Maine show on your birthday "a few years back" Show highlight was "My Name is Not Susan." My local high school played your Super Bowl national anthem exclusively before basketball games through at least 1994. I just got blessed with the chance to review albums for Cashbox Magazine, while they re-launch their print media enterprise. Hope to hear the new album soon! Chris L. Adams www.cashboxmagazine.com

Let me start by saying I've been a Whitney Houston fan since I was 10 years old! My family use to call me Little Whitney. Smile I knew every song and every dance move to ALL your videos. I prayed for your come back for everyone to see that they can't count you out! God never gave up on you and neither did I! Your first single not only shows us that you haven't lost that beautiful voice but your spirit flowed through the words you sang. You're beautiful inside and out Ms.Houston and I Look to YOU to bring out more hits like I KNOW you can! May God continue to bless you and your family.


Erika P.

My Prayers have been answered!!! Love you Whitney... I was just tearing up while dancing to this video....

Thank God She's back!!!

Whitney Thank You for your Mind, Body, and Soul...

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So glad you're back and wish you all the very best! Awaiting delivery of my pre-order. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!