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Sadly, you are correct Kimberlyn. It broke Whitney's heart to be booed by her own people.
On a lighter note.....

Whitney Trivia: Where and when did Whitney meet Robyn Crawford?

At the age if 16, in 1979, Whitney met Robyn at a summer job in east orange , NJ

Beautiful, Kimberlyn! You know just about everything of Whitney.

Whitney Trivia: True or False- Whitney always made sure the temperature of the venue she was performing at was kept well air conditioned and cool since she would sweat profusely.

Whiterabbit, I'm gonna say the answer is true....

The answer is False, Chickadee. The audience would often sweat along with Whitney because she liked the auditoriums kept very warm so her singing voice would be at its best. This is also the reason why she often wore those famous high neck dresses.

Whitney Trivia: Whitney adopted the habit of keeping a handkerchief on stage to wipe her sweat when she performed from who? A) Louie Armstrong, B) Ella Fitzgerald, C) Cissy Houston, D) Elvis Presley

Oops, guess that was a bomber!! I would have thought she would want it nice and cool since she often sweat heavy.

So, where'd Whitney get the idea of using a handkerchief on stage?

B) Ella Fitzgerald

Kimberlyn! ;C Ella Fitzgerald? Really??? Noooooo.......... C) Cissy Houston! When Nippy was a teen performing at Sweetwaters she picked up the handkerchief habit from her mama.

Whitney Trivia: Who wrote the song, "Step By Step" and for which album?

Whiterabbit, this is easy!! Step By Step, was written by Annie Lennox for the album The Preacher's Wife.