I Look To You

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DiWhitney, It took 50 weeks to hot #1 on the Billboard charts

Whiterabbit, you got me there...I didn't know Whitney was tatted up.

Whitney trivia: What is whitney’s production company called?

Kimberlyn you are correct, and knows everything girl!! The company name, of Whitney, is Nippy. Am I right??

Whitney trivia: A difficult question (laughs): A day after the concert in Rio de Janeiro, what Whitney did??

Whitney Houston was the Greatest I loved her so much , people sometimes take the wrong path in life but Whitney you was loved by many. My prayers are with your family & daughter in may you live in each in everyone of them... Your music will never go on forever.... Rest Easy

Kimberlyn, Whitney's company is called Nippy, Inc. She never had any tattoos. It was a trick question. Wink Let's see....the day after her concert in Rio de Janeiro, Whitney did a concert in Chile.

Whiterabbit and DiWhitney, you are correct,it was Nippy, Inc. Later, changed to "BrownHouse productions"

Girls, on the day after the concert in Rio de Janeiro, Whitney was to walk on the beach, drank coconut water and gave, several autographs, for the fans. She was very friendly and humble with fans.

Yes, she was so proud to be a Brown. Just shows how trusting she was.
Whitney Trivia: What was the name of the record company that Whitney and Robyn founded in the late 80's?