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Was it two

Whitney trivia: How tall is Whitney?

So much enjoy Whitney Houston, I have listened to her since she first started singing, And I listen to her everyday, Love this site to watch her videos

You're right, Whiterabbit!! It was Eddie Murphy!! I do not know how many rings Bobby gave her. How many gave he??

Yes, Kimberlyn, Bobby gave her 2 engagement rings.
Whitney was 5'7'.
Whitney Trivia: How many carats were the diamonds in each ring? Ring #1? Ring #2?

Kimberlyn, Whitney he had the height of 1.73m. Am I right??

DiWhitney you are correct, she was 1.73m (5 feet 8 inches)

Whiterabbit, you got me on this one, cuz I dont know how many carats are in each ring....

Whitney trivia: what church did Whitney make her first musical experience?

Ugh! You are right, DiWhitney! Yes, 5'8'.
Bobby first gave Whitney a 3 carat diamond ring and asked her to marry him. She said, "Yes", and then he gave her another ring with a 15 carat diamond and asked her, "Are you sure?"
Which church? New Hope Baptist Church.