I Look To You

Hozzászólások (1702)

DiWhitney, would you like to take a guess of what color Whitney's foundation was? Or anyone else know the answer??? (Hint: it was mentioned in her first Ebony interview.)

ok, is it "Beige"..ugh, I'm so upset that I got it wrong on the first try...hopefully I wont again... crossing fingers!

Tawny Glow! ;D (But beige is pretty close.)

Whitney Trivia: On which wrist did Whitney wear her watch? The right or the left?

on the left side... keep it coming, I love this trivia thing!

Whitney trivia: Nippians, whom was that gave of gift to Whitney, when she did 25 years age, a diamond ring?? Whiterabbit and Kimberlyn, you know?

Who gave her a diamond ring when she turned 25??? Oh! I know! it was Eddie Murphy! She said, "Edward gave it to me." Am I right?

Whitney Trivia: What was the name of the character that Whitney played in "The Bodyguard"?

"Rachel Manon" if I spelled the last name correct?!?!

Correct! Rachel Maron. Hey, DiWhitney, did I get it right? Was it the diamond ring Eddie Murphy gave her?
Whitney Trivia: How many engagement rings did Bobby Brown give her?