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Hi all sorry been away for a while to try to relax and get away from what's gone on in my life the past few months I also have pre ordered Whitneys live CD/DVD and also cannot wait for it today arrive how are all the Nippy family hope you are alwe'll love Karen

Hi, Karen, I'm fine, do not know if the other sisters Nippians, are Well but thank you, by you have not, forgotten, the website of Nippy, our eternal love. I have very homesick of Phil, but thank to God, because you are always near, of us, giving all his affection. Peace and love to you and your family!! God bless you!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love

Hey, Nippians! So glad to be back. I miss you gals. I am so excited, I can hardly wait to receive my Whitney Live cd. I have not heard from Kimberlyn. I hope she has not given up on this website. Karen, hang in there.
NBL, Smile Smile Smile

Hi, Whiterabbit, how are you, my friend ?? The Nippians this page are gone missing!! I promised the Angel Nippy leave this page, only when I hear her is in Heaven, with my friend Phil. God bless you all!!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love

Nippians, who's ready and can hardly wait to run to their mail box, pull out that special pkg., run inside your house/car, hold that special pkg. in your hands, pull it close to your chest in gratitude, pop it in your cd/dvd player, and listen to that beautiful, angelical voice of Whitney Houston resonate through your speakers as if she were there singing to you live??? 2 more days!!! Woohooo!!! "So, people get ready, there's a train a comin." Nuthin' but love, ~WR

True, Whiterabbit !! I heard the CD, and it is gorgeous!! It is like going back in time and feel Whitney singing very much, alive, among us!! I'm very thrilled and can't wait to have my CD/DVD, with me!! This release is only an appetizer, and leaves us with a taste of wanna more. This CD/DVD is still too little by what Whitney represents to the world of music. We want, all concerts from Whitney, on DVD, Clive Davis, please!!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love

Hello girls its Karen my Whitney live CD / DVD arrived today and I could not wait to watch and listen to the DVD and I must say I loved every minute of it .
It brought tears to my eyes as I know Phil would have adored his cherished angel .
Hope you all enjoyed yours as much as I did
love you all Karen xx

Hi, Karen, I'm happy for you, dear!! The my CD/DVD has not arrived yet, but is already on the way. Surely, Phil, is also happy with our happiness, in to have Whitney Live, showing all his talent, again, for us!! I love you Nippians!! IWALY, Nippy!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love


I'm so sorry for the delay in response to your email earlier this month. I'm doing well and hope you all are doing great too!! I've got my DVD and watching it as I type this message. Tears, tears, and more tears. Many blessing to you all be safe and stay warn because it's cold out over here.

I'm happy to know from you, Nippian !!! My heart is anxious to receive, my CD / DVD, and already full of tears to pour for this Angel, more than ever is alive among us. I have no words to explain what I'm feeling. I can only say that we remain united by love, the Nippy. How Nippy, would always say: God bless you everyone. NBL. Love