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I Look To You

Hozzászólások (1897)

Karen, thank you for sharing your feelings. When we lose someone we love so much, there is a sense of suspension. It is hard to fathom; hard to grasp. My thoughts are with you and your family. Please visit us here and know that you too are apart of our Nippian family.
Peace and blessings.

Welcome, Whiterabbit!! How are you, Nippian ?? I read that should be released in November, a live CD of Whitney. Please try to know something about it, and give me, news!! Karen, I do of the words of Whiterabbit,my words!! You too belongs to Nippy Family, dear!!! God bless you guys, Nippians!! NBL Love

I think all the Nipians are blocked !!! Whiterabbit where you are, and Kimberlyn??? Karen, how are you, Nippian?? Sad

I don't know what has happened to Kimberlyn. Kimmmmmmberrrrrrrllllyyyynnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!
And, I think Karen is taking some time to heal her heart.

You're right, Whiterabbit !! Karen is sense sorely lacking, of your beloved Phil. May God comfort her heart. I do not believe Kimberlyn abandoned the family Nippy. Tuesday, here in Brazil, SBT TV will redisplay The BodyGuard, and I'll watch again, for sure. Nippy is always present in our lives!! NBL Love

Hello to all my new friends I will be spending more time now on the Nippy site as I know when I see Whitney and listen to her amazing voice I know Phil is by her side and I have come to know why Phil and all the rest of the Whitney following love her so much.I hope you are all well.And I thank you so much for accepting me in to your family xx

Yay!!! Karen is back! We love you, Karen, just as we came to love Phil. I am happy to read your post and look forward to sharing Whitney love.
Kimberlyn is temporarily blocked out again.

Wow !! The family, Nippy, is reunited again!!! I'm happy, Phil is happy, and Nippy too, is happy with his return, the family Nippy, Kare!!! We love you my dear in the same way, that we love Phil !!! You are very welcome, Karen !!! Kimberlyn, we miss you, Nippian !!!! I love you guys, Nippians!!!! IWALY, Nippy!!!<3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love

I'm back guys

You're welcome, the family Nippy, Kimberlyn!!! Let us remain united through the love to, Nippy!!!!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3