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My deepest sympathy for you Karen. I can't imagine the series of emotions going through your mind at such a difficult time in your life. I haven't been on the site much but I have come to know Phil and was very excited to know that we share the same love and devotion for Whitney Houston. God's plan can be a bit difficult to fathom however his plan is never a mistake and blessings always come in the end of all struggles. You are always in my prayers and well as Phil. Always nothing but love for you. Thank you for sharing Phil with us, he will be greatly missed. -Kimberlyn36

thank you whiterabbit! I'm back

So glad you came back to our website, Kimberlyn!!! I'm sad and happy at the same time by Phill. Sad because we will not have more, those good conversations with him, but happy because he wanted to go out to meet the our Nippy Angel, and the Nippy Angel, called him to her side. Let's not worry, he is very happy!!! God bless Phil and his family!! I miss you, Phill!!! God, Nippy, his family, and the Nippy family loves you!!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love

Kimberlyn, welcome back. Now, go to the News page and submit your story about seeing Whitney in concert and meeting her backstage!!! It's a contest!

I already did, my video !! Only lack to send!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Where are my friends Nippians ??? Phil, I know you are in Heaven with Nippy, now, Whiterabbit, and Kimberly, where are ??? NBL.

Here I am! How is everyone? Has anyone noticed that Whitney's site now has more than 13 1/2 billion followers? That's a lot of Nippians! Smile
Kimberlyn, darling, where are you? Did you get blocked out again? I'm still waiting for your story on the News page. I cannot believe Phil is gone.
I don't have Facebook nor Twitter on my phone, but I do have the Whitney Houston website! I need to be in constant touch with my fellow Nippians. I love you guys!
NBL Love

Whiterabbit, we love you back, Nippian !!! I'm very happy that thirteen billion and a half of Nippians are following our beloved Nippy !!! This gives us the certainty that Whitney lives in billion of hearts that love her, really !!! Thanks, to several pages of fans in social networks who are keeping the great name, from Whitney Houston always on top of the world !!! Phil, we love you !! Karen, we love you too!!! Count with us, friend !!! A hug, too big for all Nippians around the world !!! IWALY, Nippy!!!<3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love

Dear all its Karen I thank you all for your kind words and support Phil would be so pleased to know how much he meant to you all.
To be honest when Whitney passed away he was devastated it broke his heart and always shed tears when watching and listening to her magical voice I could not believe someone could be missed so much until we lost Phil he was the backbone of our family and myself and our 2 sons are finding it so hard to come to terms with our loss I know time is a wonderful healer but I don't think our pain will ever leave us sorry to go on about this but I realise now how you all must have felt when you lost Whitney someone you all loved so much hope you are all well we love you all so much once again thank you Karen xx

You guys will always be in our prayers, Karen!! God bless you and all your family!!! NBL Love