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I Look To You

Hozzászólások (1874)

That's right, Whiterabbit! We want to see Nippy, on the big screen for all the world, and those who have not known Whitney Houston, can know, why that she is the greatest singer of all time! Kimberlyn, send message that you are blocked to the Mollom website. NBL, Nippians!!! Love


Today The Greatest Diva Of All Times, would complete 51 years old. She put her beautiful voice on several songs, and hearts rejoiced in every corner of the world, but what she liked, and wanted to do was sing to God and this she did more and better than everyone. In their toughest moments, she cried out, for his God, and He heard. Today she rests in Paradise, and should be singing in a Choir Angels, and of course, very happy. This world is very heavy and violent for special people like you, Whitney Elizabeth Houston!!! Jesus loves you, and I also!!! Happy Birthday!!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3 R.P.I. Congratulations to all the clubs fans, from around the world that are celebrating the birthday of Whitney Houston!!! Love

happy birthday Whitney Elizabeth Houston

Beautifully said, Dirlene. Welcome back, Kimberlyn!

For some reason, yesterday was so calmly peaceful, and I knew Nippy's high spirit was present.
Miss you lots, Gurl.......Everyday.

Whiterabbit, I love you, Nippian!!! Every day I celebrate, the birth, of the greatest and better Diva, of all time !!! This angel that came down to us Earth to rejoice, with his Heavenly Voice is present in my life, every second. She will always live forever in me, while I live !!! I love you eternally, My Angel!! Happy Birthday, always & forever!!! NBL #AllAugustAllWhitney #I Love You #NBL #MyAngelWhitney

Dear all it is with much sadness I send you this message but two weeks ago Phil sadly passed away of a heart attacki think all the operations finally got to him I was lucky to have him for so long and we will all miss him so much now he can spend some time with the other love of his life
Thank you all for being there for him love to you all Karen

OMG, Karen !! At this moment I have my eyes, filled with tears of sadness for the loss of our beloved Phil. I want to convey to you my sincere feelings of love and affection for you and the whole family, Phill. I'm sure that God has chosen the best place where Phil will hear the Heavenly Choir, where The Nippy Angel is singing happy with the presence of Phill. Keep touch with us, Karen, because we learn to love you the same way we love Phil. The love of God is present in your family. God Bless you, your family, and comfort your hearts!!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love Sad

OMG, Karen. I am so sorry. I read your post twice to make sure it was true. We came to know Phil as a member of the Nippy family, and we will always remember him. He seemed to be a very sensitive, compassionate guy. All Nippians go to Heaven to be with the Angel of our hearts. I know he is welcomed home with open arms by the diva herself. Take care of yourself, Karen, and thank you so much for keeping us informed throughout his progress. Please keep in touch, as we have come to know you as family.

My deepest sympathy for you Karen. I can't imagine the series of emotions going through your mind at such a difficult time in your life. I haven't been on the site much but I have come to know Phil and was very excited to know that we share the same love and devotion for Whitney Houston. God's plan can be a bit difficult to fathom however his plan is never a mistake and blessings always come in the end of all struggles. You are always in my prayers and well as Phil. Always nothing but love for you. Thank you for sharing Phil with us, he will be greatly missed.-From Kimberlyn36