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I Look To You

Hozzászólások (1913)

kimberlyn36 I must agree with you I get the feeling this song is about her and I am so glad I am not the only one to have shed tears over this song but here is the thing I think I have shed tears over most of this lovely ladies songs and more so now knowing she is no longer with us I miss her so much as we all do .

I still cannot believe she's gone. I am still so angry that she's not here. I just can't let go. First, I was really excited about the CD. Now, I'm sad. I hear her all day long on the radio at work. And each time they say, "Whitney Houston", I try to gather what that really means. And was there really such a person who once walked this earth?

my dear whiterabbit I feel your pain not a day goes by without me missing this amazing icon there are thousands of vocal artists around the world but my feelings are there is nobody like Whitney and never will we will just have to believe she is still with us by listening to her music everyday

Hey, whatever happened to Dirlene? Dirlene, where are you????

guys, try living literally 30 minutes away from her final resting place and not being able to go sit and talk to her!! Now, that's extremely painful and makes me crave for her even more. I seen Cissy sing at New Hope Baptist church and I wanted to give her such a huge hug! I still can't imagine what this woman is going through. So many bleeding hearts out there for Whitney!

I may be going to Newark in Oct. If I do, will you show me her school and resting place, Kimberlyn?
Don't know if anyone watched the Grammy's the other night. I no longer watch it. All it does is remind me of Whitney's last weekend and how much she must have been hurting inside. Why else do people drink who don't usually drink?

Whiterabbit, of course I'll show you where Whitney is from and where her resting place is ... I didn't watch the Grammy's... in fact I wont watch them ever again. I think the awards have become a waste of airtime.

I have this picture of Whitney that sit next to my bed and each night i look at it and say a prayer and then go to sleep. i usually wake up feeling fine but this morning I don't know what happened but I woke up this morning tears streaming down my eyes clutching the picture. I really do missy Whitney Houston!! Of all the music artists that have passed on, Whitney's death is the hardest for me to get over! I loved this woman since i was 10 years old back in 1985. I don't think I'll ever get over her!!! She was full of love and i miss that so much!!


Oh my dear Kimberlyn I have never been in the personel closeness with Whitney that you have but just lately I have been engrossed with listening and watching Whtneys video of Try it on my own and for what ever reason I break down in tears everytime I see this video what worries me the most is I am 57 years old and unlike you have never met this wonderful women but have adored her all my later life I am so worried there is something wrong with me as I have never felt like this about any other person I hope you get over your sorrow for this lovely lady