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I Look To You

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I have just been looking at some of whitneys music videos and I feel I must ask all you nippians what is your favourite and why myself I just love Where do broken hearts go this for me is awesome her smile her eyes she looks so gorgeous it just gets me everytime I see and hear it so which one does it for you

Yes, that is a beautiful video. Very well directed. It really shows that early in her career, she was destined to be an actress. So talented, that girl. Each time I hear that song, a melancholic feeling takes over me. It used to happen even when she was still with us. And now, well, its weight lies even heavier.

Laughing out loud Lol, Kimberlyn!! Whitney Trivia: True or False- Whitney and her new husband were alone on their honeymoon.

My favorite music video of Whitney is "All the man that I need"....WOW!!! She was super hot in this video from head to toe!! The way she stand out on that balcony singing her heart out while the rain is pouring down...my my my my my!!!! Whitney was so damn gorgeous and at the height of her career.. so fresh, young, vibrant, powerhouse voice! OMG, she will bring you to your knees.....chills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to watch "All the man I need" video right now....bye!!!!!!!

I do agree this is also a quality video her voice is so perfect as so is she but for me its still Where do broken hearts go especially the 2 scenes where she is wearing those wide brimmed hats my god how sexy does se look its so hard to pick as a;; her videos are superb and like you I am off to watch them now speak to you soon bye

You people are nuts! Crazy! My favorite footage of all is the Washington D.C. concert. Pure, raw talent. I could spend hours and days watching everything that has ever been captured on video, and still crave for more.

Whitney Trivia: Which was Whitney's favorite award show to attend?

OMG!!! I just read the latest news article on this web site! Clive Davis is compiling an album of Whitney's live performances to be released later this year!! I am soooo excited! I can't sit still. Now the rest of the world will finally get to hear the REAL Whitney! Now, they'll get it. Now they'll feel the chills. I hope it contains Porgy and Bess and Alfie, I Am Changing, Home, Miracle, All The Man That I Need, Tell Me No, The Greatest Love Of All.......... And then, I hope he releases a gospel album next year.

I will go along with that cannot wait for that to come out obviously it will be out earlier in the States than it will here in England but as soon as its out I will be adding to my collection cannot wait

By the way I must just mention what a fantastic video and song Try it on my own I have repeatedly been playing this song over the weekend wow how easy is it to bring a grown man to tears because that's what this song has done to me bye all got to go compose myself

Philloveswhitney, I know it may not be true but I think this song is really about her. She never really lived her life as her own. She wanted the approval of so many and never stopped to do whatever it was she wanted to do in life. This song will make you reflect on your own life. I cried once before listening to this song as well.