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I Look To You

Hozzászólások (1883)

Hey Nippians! Next month will be the 2nd anniversary of Whitney's transition into eternity. What is your favorite memory of Whitney?

Impossible to say one favorite memory, from Whitney! Everything reminds me Whitney! She is part of my life eternally! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

my favorite memory of Whitney is when I met, touched and talked to her. A memory that will never be forgotten!!! To be in this lady's presence was an honor and a privilege to say the least. I can go on and on about this beautiful woman and the memorable words she spoke to me... replaying it in my head over and over again right now..... whew, I'm gonna stop right here because I get way too emotional just thinking about her and remembering her beauty and hearing her voice.

alas I cannot match kimberlyn36 but I liked her live tour of Brunei when she shared the stage with a large insect which she didn't like and same show when she tried to get the prince to do the shoop with her she was so sweet just love her

It is very difficult to pick one memory as a favorite. One that gives me great joy is when Whitney was up and coming, still a teenager, singing on a British dance show. She looked so happy enjoying herself. God, I miss that girl.

Whiterabbit, when she was up and coming, that is one of the fondest memory of young Whitney!! She was so fresh, young , vibrant , out right breathtaking and gorgeous!!! Her voice was so pure and precise.... To be honest, the 80's Whitney is the best !! I loved her so much during this era!!! Her style and everything totally rocked my world!!!

Whitney Trivia (not sure if I asked this one already): True or False, Whitney loved taking baths.

Hey, Nippians, yesterday I had a wonderful visit in my house! Simply, Whitney came to visit me. I dreamed that she appeared on the porch of my house, where I was celebrating something that I can not remember, and suddenly, she started singing I Look To You, and I'm Every Woman. I just remember it was exciting!!!! The rest of the dream I can not remember. But even then I woke up with the feel, of her presence. I loved it! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Whiterabbit, it's true! Smile

wow!! Dirlene!! powerful dream and it seem so surreal. I'm sure Whitney's presence is everywhere!! Whiterabbit, I'm going with "no" Whitney didn't like taking baths, which is why it seemed very strange that she took one in that hotel room....but correct me if I'm wrong Sad