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I Look To You

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Kimberlyn36 oh my god you are the luckiest person I know I would give my right arm to have met her and to touch her wow I think I would have collapsed that is something you will never ever forget alas I have never met her as I have said before but I watch her and listen to her every day I think of her every day and still get a tear in my eyes at the thought she is no longer with us happy new year to you I am so jealous of you take care phil x

Kimberlyn, you left me with tears in her eyes to the reporting her encounter with our sweet Whitney. Really, it is unforgettable! Eternal, and gorgeous Whitney, you will never be forgotten, by us! We Will Always Love You!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Hey Dirlene, how are you!!

I'm fine, and you? Here in my town makes an unbearable heat! Where you are, Whiterabbit?

it's 19 degree here in New Jersey, FREEZING COLD ....I'll take some heat!

I just want a little bit, of the cold of you guys! Smile

Here I am! Happy New Year, everyone! Smile

You could post, Whiterabbit! Cool! I'm happy to have you back!! Happy New Year, Nippian! The Nippy family loves you very much! Smile

yaay!! Whiterabbit is baaack!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The Nippian family is together again! Philloveswhitney, did you like Kimberlyn36's story about meeting Whitney? Pretty cool, huh? Very beautiful.
I lost my "Nothing But Love" cd! Sad I have been going through album withdrawals.