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Hozzászólások (1918)

Whiterabbit, where you are, Nippian!! Sad

this website has officially been abandoned!! No one comes here anymore, I checked it daily and no updates are made and none of the nippy family come to post daily anymore....... I'm heart broken!!!!! Whitney, I still love you with all my heart and will never let you go!!!

Whitwrabbit, where you are??? What happened, Nippian? NBL.

I haven't abandoned the ship! Just recovering still from the flu. I will never leave Whitney. Never! Don't abandon the ship, Nippians! Keep this website going strong!

It is very good to know, of you Whiterabbit!! Take good care of your health!! We love you!! Whitney always & forever, our love!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Kimberlyn, stop feeling sad and jump back on the website!
Whitney Trivia: Whitney liked to recluse in her bedroom and do what?
PS: I had another dream....

I think Nippy enjoyed staying in your bedroom, to sleep until late. Alright, Nippian?

Please talk of the your dream, Nippian!!

Whiterabbit,, I'm not sad anymore. I was so emotional that day after passing by her school on the way home. My emotions hit me all at once and I just felt like I was the only person on earth who remembered Whitney Houston! Anyway, I'm gonna say Whitney liked to recluse to her bedroom to put her earpieces on and listen to her music....isolate herself from the world. AND....... Please please please tell us about this dream!!! Don't male us wait past Friday to hear about it either!!!!!!!! Yaay so excited to see the nippy family is back together again!!

oooops, meant to say don't make us wait past Friday to read about it!!