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I Look To You

Hozzászólások (1913)

Yes, I came back! How have all you Nippians been?
Kimberlyn, I was reading your story again that you shared about the time you met Whitney backstage. You said you hugged her and she smelled so beautiful. My-my-my......

Yes ma'a!!! Hey Whitnerabbit! Glad you're back...Smile

i have a good question and hope someone can answer it. Are there any live performances of Run To You by Whitney? I can't seem to find one.

Houston fan, unfortunately, until now, nobody could find no record, Live, of Run To You. NBL.

Whitney, why you? Why?:'( I miss you so much right now, I can't stop crying this morning!!! Some days I'm ok and other days like today, my heart hurt do bad for you!!!!

Someone please pinch me, slap me, wake me up from this horrible nightmare of a world without Whitney Houston. I know I must be dreaming because it just doesn't make sense. </3

Nippians, how are you all? I have been away from the website with the flu. I have missed you guys. Nice to meet you, Houstonfan!
Whitney Trivia: True or False, Whitney always kept her toe nails long because she liked to keep them painted.

eeew that's gross, I would hope she didn't keep her toe nails long simply to keep them painted. I'm definitely going with false! Whitney had beautiful feet and I never seen her toe nails long

Very pleasure, to revise you Whiterabbit!! Good health to you, Nippian!! I think that the answer is false!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

LOL! Laughing out loud Yes, it is gross to picture her with long toe nails. You are correct! The answer is False. Whitney kept her toe nails neatly trimmed, short and unpainted. She had beautiful feet.