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I Look To You

Hozzászólások (1897)

I think my friends Nippians not loves more, this website!! They disappeared!! Sad

NO, I didn't disappear I've not been in the best of health in the past week...I love my nippy and ain't going nowhere!!!


I stay glad you're always here, Kimberlyn!! !! Whiterabbit, what happened with you?I, miss you friend!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Kimberlyn, do you still have the flu? I will never leave this website, fellow Nippians! Whitney forever!!! NBL...

no, but still recovering from the body aches that followed. Not to mention, it's getting chilly outside also, ugh!! Anyway, how are things with you?

Whiterabbit, why are you disappeared Nippian??

Whiterabbit, where the hell are you?!! I miss you girl!!!

Alright already! You don't have to get violent! LOL Smile
I miss you gals also. I've just been kind of busy with work. So, the answer to the Whitney Trivia question was her thymus. It was missing from her throat. It must have been removed when they took out the wire hanger she got stuck when she was 4.
Who's next with a trivia question???
Did everyone wish Big Cuda a Happy Birthday?

Finally, appeared in, ma'am!! Will get rich, of so much work! After I will send a trivia. NBL