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I Look To You

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I'm really missing Whitney tonight! Just looking at some of her photos, I really do miss this woman Sad

My friends nippians, gave up of the trivia. Sad

How I miss of Whitney, my God!! There is a void in the world, without the music and the voice of Whitney!!! Sad

Hey, nippians, let's go back to trivia, to gladden our hearts that suffers greatly without Whitney. Smile

Whitney would want us to keep moving so I'm gonna kick off the continuation of the Whitney trivia: what how many nieces and nephews did Whitney have?

Kimberlyn, I'll kick! Two nieces and four nephews!

Watching the "Bodyguard" man, Whitney is so gorgeous in this movie! I'm on my Whitney binge again, crying and all....whew!

I know what you're feeling. It is very difficult without Whitney, but we have to be strong! She would not want to see us sad!! Smile
Hey, Kimberlyn, where is Whiterabbit?

Whitney was giving us in my opinion her goodbye's way b4 we knew it was her getting prepared 2 go away. The words complimented what she felt deep down inside her heart & soul. She looked to God 4 strength, and He heard her I do believe in my heart. Rest weary soul, rest on!