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I Look To You

Hozzászólások (1913)

I was just teasing you, Girl. Cheer up. It'll get better.

I know you were teasing..... Lol, texting, email and any message through the airwaves always come across the opposite meaning ...but we're good, girl!

I wish we could have our own chosen signature photos like we used to before. At least they still show up in our profile. Will you still be coming to L.A. this summer?

She Is The Most Wonderful ; Talented ; Beautiful ; Inspirational; Singer Of All Time & Nobody Can Compare To Her ,"Out Of This World" ;Angelic Voice & Oprah Said It Accurately She Was/Is "THE VOICE"!

Whiterabbit, I'm going to try to make it

Kravian Loves W..., Shout it from the roof tops and let it be known EVERYWHERE, Whitney Houston was and always will be THE VOICE!!! Incomparable. Untouchable.

Well, try your best, Kimberlyn. But if you can't, Los Angeles will always be here waiting for you (unless a huge earthquake sends us out into the ocean. In that case, I'll just row myself over to you.) Smile

It is a beautiful cloudy day in Los Angeles with a breeze. The weather man calls it "June Gloom", but I think it's bright and clear. No gloom here.
What happened to DiWhitney? What happened to all the Nippians? Whitney's birthday will be coming very soon in 2 months and we need to start preparing about how we will celebrate and pay homage to our beautiful leader. Let's adorn the streets of L.A. and N.J. with flowers, and the global sky with purple balloons!

Hey whiterabbit, what say you?.... I'm in Florida for summer break and it's beyond scorching hot it's here!! Almost suffocating to say the least. Yes, we need to prepare for Whitney's b-day soon! Hey DiWhitney, where are you?

Hi friends, I'm here!! As long as I live, I will always be here!! Every day, I look for this website, but, as I do not find you guys, I'll leave. Kimberlyn that chic, on vacation in Florida!! Enjoy yourself enough!! You deserve it, friend!! Whiterabbit, I'm thinking, on birthday of our Queen, and imagining what we will do. I am in contact with several clubs fans, of Whitney, here in Brazil, and for sure we will have many celebrations!! While we live, we will do our best to Whitney!! Whiterabbit, loved the description that you did, of day in Los Angeles!! I found this very romantic day!!! Nippians, I love you guys, and Whitney too!!!!!! Whitney foreveeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

everything will be allright. your bodyguart. you be attentive, my little. ich beschütze you. waite me. keine kontakten. keine brifen. keine blöd. i make all for your safety. and my department too. waite, please, my girl. your bodiguard. goodbye..