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I Look To You

Hozzászólások (1913)

Hey, what happened with the trivia??? Isn't anyone going to try and answer the question?

Been a rough mother's day for me yesterday.... First mother's day without my mother....wasn't im the mood

I see that all of us do not have mothers, not girls?? Our mothers are already in heaven, and therefore very well, before God, like Whitney's. As trivia Whitney, Whiterabbit, this answer, I do not know, answers to us, nippian!!!

I forgot, Kimberlyn. I am so sorry. I hope you did not choose to be alone for the entire day. I'm sure it was difficult for Whitney's mom and daughter, as well. Peace be with you all.

I will not give the answer just yet because I'm pretty sure Kimberlyn knows the answer.


Creamsicles. (Otherwise known as 50/50 bars.) And, strawberry ice cream in a bowl.

You okay, Kimberlyn? Your friends across the globe are worried about you.

Hey friends, nippians, how are you guys? Send more trivia!!

Kimberlyn is sad. She misses her mama.
Yay to our girl, Whitney, who's song "I Will Always Love You" just went platinum for the 2nd time!

Whitney Trivia: True or False- Whitney traveled during her early tours in a regular jet plane.

I think it's fake! According to Robin, she traveled several times of Concorde!!