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I Look To You

Hozzászólások (1920)

Really, Eddie Murphy gave a diamond ring! If not was Eddie or Bobbi, then, was Jermaine Jackson or Clive Davis? My answer is no longer valid. Let's see if Kimberlyn responds right! Nothing But Love by Whitney!

Lol, I'm not that wise on this one but im gonna guess she gave herself that ring band

Hey, Whiterabbit, answer!!!

Kimberlyn, Cissy goes autograph the book Remembering Whitney, in the Baptist Church of New Jersey, you go there?? If you are, give a big hug in it for us! May 5, from 10:00 am at 1:30 pm.

DiWhitney, I didn't hear about it but now that I know, I'll definitely go!! And I hope I will get a chance to tell cissy I love her daughter so much and give hugs from you and whiterabbit!

Kimberlyn you are privileged by live where Whitney was born!! God help you to speak with Cissy, and transmit our, immense love for Whitney, by her and Krissi!! Later tell us everything!!!!! Right, friend!! God bless you!!

Tell Cissy "Thank you so much for her honesty," from Whiterabbit in Los Angeles and DiWhitney in Brazil. Good luck, Kimberlyn! I trust you will represent us well.

P.S.: I have no idea who gave Whitney that ring. I was hoping you'd know. ;D Lol! Maybe you can ask Cissy if she knows.

Hey, Kimberlyn, you managed to speak to Cissy??

Yeah, Kimberlyn. What's up with that? Clue us in. What happened when you saw Cissy?