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I Look To You

Hozzászólások (1881)

I take this space to give congratulations to President Obama, the relentless hunt, of the monsters, of Boston. Evil will never triumph on the well!!! Thank you President Obama!!

The Americas, North, Central and South, are safe once again. Smile

You are both correct in regards to the trivia! We loved Whitney so much, we wanted more, more, more; not realizing the price that came with it. Maybe she should have just gone off on that island to sell her organic fruits and teach her grand babies to play piano. :'(

Thank you, Nippians, for allowing me to voice my opinion about Krissy. 'Guess I'm the one that's trippin'. Peace.

Whitney Trivia: Whitney always depended on wearing an ear piece on stage.

Friend, nippian the talent, of Whitney, was just as extraordinary, that I think, that she never needed of receiver to his ear on stage. At least, I never saw.

what's the question?...I'm confused Sad

Kimberlyn, the question is.......

Whitney Trivia: True or False- Whitney always depended on wearing an ear piece on stage.

You are correct, DiWhitney! Whitney was asked to wear an earpiece one time so that she could hear the orchestra. She wore it for about 2 seconds and then yanked it off. Probably thinking to herself, "Get this sh*t off of me!"

Whitney Trivia: True or False- Whitney dropped out of high school to become a model.

absolutely false....Cissy wasn't having that! Whitney couldn't even sign to a record lable before completing high shool.

Correct, Kimberlyn! With a mother as strict as Cissy, no one was dropping out of high school for nothin!

Whitney Trivia: Which Jackson brother did Whitney date briefly?

Whitney Trivia #2: True or False- Whitney was eager to fly to Los Angeles for the 2012 Grammys.

Whitney had a year long secret affair with Jermaine Jackson and yes, it's true Whitney was eager to fly out to Los Angeles for the 2012 Grammy's. why she went, one will never know! Her mother wanted so badly to see her before she left, but that never happened.