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Whitney trivia: Hi, girls! Tell me who does the guitar solo in the song Tell Me No, of Whitney, and the name of the CD!!

I have never heard of that song.

DiWhitney, "Tell Me No" is from the "Just Whitney" album don'tknow who the name of the guitar solo for that song Sad

I do not have that album, but since I have never heard the song I'll take a stab at it and say the guitar solo is by either Ricky Minor or Prince.

Whitney Trivia: What movie is the song "When You Believe" with Mariah Carey from?

Whiterabbit, The Prince of Egypt

You are correct, Kimberlyn!
DiWhitney, please tell us who is playing a guitar solo on "Tell Me No". Is it Prince??

Whitney Trivia: True or False- Whitney needed and wore eye glasses since she was a child.

True Whitney needed and wore eye classes since she was a child

Girls, sorry I'm late to answering you!! Who does the guitar solo, wonderful, in the music Tell Me No, is Carlos Santana. The CD, is Just Whitney. I love this CD, like the others, too!!

Kimberlyn is correct on the name of CD!!

I forgot about Carlos Santana! After hearing that song, I am now going to buy that CD, "Just Whitney."
Kimberlyn, you are also correct on the other trivia. But Whitney wore eye glases not classes. ;D LOL! How long have you been a teacher?! ;D ROTFL!!! Jus' kiddin', Girl.

Whitney Trivia: True or False-Whitney was a vegetarian.