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The Preacher's Wife

Is even, Kimberlyn? This I did not know!! Why he did not want, to leave, Whitney, making this movie??

Correctamundo again! ;D Kimberlyn rocks at Whitney trivia! Bobby has always been very self-obsorbed. Only thinking of himself.

Whitney Trivia: Who is Whitney's #1 fan? (Hint: she is female and lives in NJ.)

Ok, is this a trick question? This could be answered in multiple ways.... I live in NJ and I consider myself Whitney's#1 fan, lol. Robyn Crawford lives here, she is also a #1 fan but I'm gonna take a stab at it and say her momma was her #1 fan.

whitney houston will be a mother a singer just awesome character n are lives love you nippy

Jesus, I forgot about Robyn & Cissy! Ok, what #1 fan is Black, lives in NJ & is younger than 50 yrs. old?

Today, is the anniversary of the day MLK Jr. was shot in Memphis.

Yes, indeed it is the anniversary of the day MLK Jr. was murdered. This is a day of reflection!

To answer Whitney trivia: that would be ME!!!, lol

I forgot to say, the #1 fan is also a school teacher and recently visited the Whitney Houston Academy for the Performing Arts to address illiteracy....
Yess!!! Of course the answer is YOU, Kimberlyn! ;D lol

Reflecting on April 4th, 1967, when Dr. King was assassinated, let us acknowledge how far our country has come in that we have our first African-American president. Serving his second term. May we all live together in peace, ~WR

Yes, cherry3356, Whitney is pretty awesome! Smile