I Look To You

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Whiterabbit, this is difficult for me!! Dont know!!

I'm stumpted on this one too....

A great Easter Sunday for all my friends nippians!! Nothing But Love for, you guys!! God bless you all!!!

Awww, thank you DiWhitney!! You're so sweet, darling....

Nippians, I'm really missing Whitney right now....and listening to every song she sang. I feel it coming, the crying and longing for Whitney again ;-(

Aww, Kimberlyn. It is a sad time remembering how much Whitney just wanted to be liked. Does your heart hurt? I will be listening to The Preacher's Wife cd tomorrow on my way to church.
Answer: Whitney was discouraged from traveling over seas during the Gulf War because she was considered by the US a "National Treasure".

Whitney Trivia: True or False- Whitney loved wearing real mink and fur coats.

Happy Easter, everyone! Nothing but love!

Yes, whiterabbit my heart hurts! I had a surreal dream last night that Whitney and I were in this small room with other people just laughing and having a fantastic time. At some point in the dream, Whitney turned to sing to me. Her eyes were fixated on my mine and throughout the song, I cried so hard. Whitney reached her arms out to hug me and said, " it's ok baby". I woke up with actual tears in my eyes. I don't know what bought it about all of a sudden but I'm longer for her again. And I'm missing my mommy like crazy too! Happy Easter nippians!!

to answer the trivia , I will say the answer is true

Kimberlyn and Whiterabbit, thank you, for the affection of you!! Girls, I as you, also feel like sorely missed, of our Angel Whitney. I wonder of God, why, my heart hurts so much, without Whitney, and the only answer I have, is because she is actually an angel that came around here. At the moment,I am enjoying, the CD Just Whitney. Makes, a year and two months, just know, listening to Whitney. Whiterabbit, Whitney really is a national treasure, because she extolled their country around the world, and especially in countries with socialist system, including preaching the word of God. Whitney was the only artist in the world, singing secular music, that was not ashamed to preach the word of God. Girls, Whitney is to us, nothing but love.

I think the answer of your question is false!!