I Look To You

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;D Yeah, it's like being at Disney World after hours when the park is empty and you're free to go on any ride you want. I wish the other people would come back. Like, TheMusicNews, what happened to her? No more cement mixers from Sanhui. I'm glad you and DiWhitney are still on. That sounds like exactly what Whitney would say. "I got you, Baby. I got you!"

Nippy's first school was Franklin Elementary. And then when they made the classrooms "open" with no structure, Cissy transferred her to Mount Saint Dominic Academy Catholic School where she was the only Black girl in her graduating class picture.

Whitney Trivia: True or False- Whitney would be up all night walking around the house because she couldn't sleep.

True, girls! We are truthful nippians that remain on this site, celebrating the legacy of Whitney Houston. I'll stay here until the day of my departure, is the least I can do, for all the joy that Whitney gave me through his music, his talent and beautiful voice of angel. I hope to have you guys here for a long time too!! Our love for Whitney, is infinite!!

Whiterabbit, I think it's true. Generally, anyone who works at night, suffers from insomnia.

Yes, DiWhitney, you are correct! And maybe that's why Whitney was not a morning person.

Whitney Trivia: How many houses did Whitney own?

Whiterabbit, not sure, but I think are 4 or 5. I'll kick!!

Whiterabbit, excuse me, but that I do not know. Only I remember the home of Atlanta, New Jersey, Miami, Geórgia, and Laguna Beach. These are the places I've read that Whitney has home.

I thought she had only 4 homes...

You are both right! DiWhitney, Atlanta is in Georgia. Her 4 homes were in Mendham,New Jersey, Miami, Florida, Atlanta,Georgia, and Laguna Beach, California.

Whitney Trivia: Who did Whitney want to marry when she was a little girl?

Whiterabbit, now you got me! I dont know!! Does she wanted to marry Michael Jackson?? I would have loved it!! (laughs)

DiWhitney, you are right she wanted to marry Michael Jackson.... It was so cute when Whitney told the story!

Yes, it was Michael Jackson.... It was so cute when Whitney told the story!