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Whitney Houston "Nothing But Love" Tour

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go whitney

How cool is this photo! Can't believe I was there!!! Whitney always looks fab : )

I wish you would re-release "Moment of Truth." It was a B side of one of your singles years ago and I loved it. I've been waiting for it to be re-released.

It so good to have you back! I love the new album. Your voice has been like a soundtrack to my life, what my best memories are tied to. It has also been a comfort during sad times. Best wishes to you for continued success.

I do not know what to talk about it, do not hesitate to direct adjective something to it.
My dream is to sail by and have just a hug.
'm from Brazil and I dream about it!
whitney you are my diva!
Stego that God always in your way, for his brilliance he never left off!

Alright now!!!! I am loving this pic. OK Ma Whit....I need to know when are you coming to the states? I am dying to know I need to be in the front row when you come LOL. Love you much and God Bless. Your true fan for life.

Dear Whitney,

You don´t know me. I´m so far way from you in Brazil. But I know you. I know the Whitney woman, I know the Whitney voice and I know the Whitney soul. Cause it, I knew that Whitney would return! Welcome to life my Diva! And "life in abudance", like Jesus sad!
Your always fan - Raquel Adornato

How hawt is this pic!!!! Gurl WORK!! && you lookin quite healthy to me, thats good to see. Reports to the States are negative, but "yeah right watever!!"

Whitney girl!
You know you still got the stuff and you look good strutting it. You belong on stage and never doubt that hon. You keep moving toward greatness!!!!!!!!!!!!!