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...don´t you think it could also depend on the manner how you voice your criticism?! IMO it does... also if you voicing subject view as such and refrain from generalizations and personal reproaches...

she should just pack her bags and direction, new, label, new songs, new album, new voice and dedicated team!!!!!! Whichever direction she chooses, with you all the way, Nippy!

Same happened to me mate. I posted a note to see if you get any responce from her. However, my letter was taken of the sight.

Better than Whitney herself. I went to UK concert and she was appauling. Keep it up boy. You a bigger star than she is now....

lol, guys you are reading too much into things, case of excessive analytic psychology Wink

It kills me...most people would be applauding her for what she is doing now....why quesiton what her plans are after this 6 month tour..Whit has been thru a lot...tedious schedule...traveling..airports dangerous flights...the ferry option.bad weather..cold stadiums...

Here is a great photo taken by Rudy De Doncker of Whitney Houston performing in Antwerp on Monday night!!!

@ xtc33/marlonjess05
Wow,someone is on edge.It must happen to a weirdo when they are deleted from this forum,what,3 times dont try to deny it,its just soooo sadly obvious.pmsl.
You obviously have the issues if you think yours is the only valid opinion,but seems to me that you just like to cause trouble.Must be a sad existence you live.
Amazes me that you think posting positive things about Whitney could drive people away from this forum,unless your saying that Whitney haters like yourself are the objective stop being a nigel no friends and just bugga off !!

Check out this great video of Whitney Houston performing "I Look To You" in Rome!

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