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Just got back from Antwerp concert and I taped a whole lot, so stay tuned for those. I lost buckets of sweat because it was so hot in the arena. But lemme tell you guys this: the audience was the best ever! She got showers of love and support! Although I have to admit her voice had a few hick ups, and the belting didnt always come out the way she wanted, but she got away with that and luckily her head register was there!

Ftl: amazing intro, black outfit with glitters!
Nbl: the long live note on LOOOOVE was mindblowing!

There is no "official" fan club,this is it.The Whitney houston platinum club died out when Whitney was out of the spot light for 7 years,and eventually when things started to stir up again,they revamped the platinum club to "",which had next to nothing on that site.Then with all the hype leading up to the release of "ILTY",the website was again revamped to what it is now.
This is the "OFFICIAL" website,run by sony music and sme online services.

Thanks for sharing "iWhitness",nothing like a new profile name to brighten up your day hey..hehe Smile

agree with you, totally, Kimya!!!!!!!!!!!!! while other artists tour, their labels do the promo work with new stuff, but Whitney's label doesn't seem to exist these days! there was enough time for at least one release after MDB, but instead, they are sitting aback and leave us to promote her music..................... A damn shame to have only 2 videos of such a great album in almost a year since release?

Hi guys I finally got the audio files ready Smile I couldn´t record the whole show (only 1GB on it), but I will share the best of them with you:

- (it´s not the best rendition, but a heart felt one) ILTL:

I would so LOVE to go to the Mannheim show as well, but I´m afraid of leaving my grandma home alone the whole night... Sad I know I should be grateful for even seeing Whitney and be satisfied, but instead I´m insatiable for hearing another concert...

But isn't it just a travel agency that sells special trips to the concerts and that organizes meet and greets if you have enough money to pay for?

I don't understand why there are online fan forums but no official fan club anymore? Does anybody know and might explain to me what happened to the old platinum fan club (this was- as far as I know- the official fan club)?


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