..if it´s that one of David Gest? I think it´s another documentation.. and Whitney isn´t mentioned to say anything in the matter - its only supposed to appear family members, biography writer and Liza Minelly.. -> Joe und Katherine, siblings La Toya and Jermaine, friend Liza Minnelli, Randy Taraborrelli, Bodyguard Matt Fiddes, godparent of his children Mark Lester, Neverland-designer Tony Urquidez and former tourmanager Marcel Avram

this documentary is tonight...
i let you know!

Thanks for the testimony. Glad you and your friend had a wonderful experience.

Thanks for the testimony GREAT that you approached her and prayed over her!! I´m praying tonight....


if you want to share pics here,copy the "external link"on facebook and paste it here. Smile

Wow...Thank God for that whole experience and testimony...posting pics..I dont know now...but thank u for sharing this..Im thinking of going to a concert ..was hoping she would tour in the USA....I love Whitney..she is an inspiration and has always shown her fans that God is the GLORY!!!


Here's my response to R. Palmese.

Thanks for response. I hope there is something in the US eventually. This is where her largest fan base resides and highest sales for ILTY album and much of her career. It would be kinda sad if there is nothing and she disappears for a few years yet again. If so, her fan base would then continue to erode as it has over the last 7 yrs when she first left the public eye. Wouldn't be good or fair to her reputation and legacy.


And his response after.

i hope that she does a different project like a movie or something it woud be nice to see whitney do somwthing different as she can act and also to distract the media from the tour as thiers been nothing but bad press if she does another project then maby thay will forget about the tour and concentrate on the new progect if she does one that is I HOPE SO Smile:)Smile

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