The Official Whitney Houston Site

We're not asking much - to start:

1) Just that you are able to get to page two without having to leave a comment and the tab is at the top and bottom of the page.

2) To know who your friends are and be able to communicate with them.

3) To get up to date pics, videos, and information about Whitney before the other fan sites.

It has some good features but as the official site it can and should be better than the other forums. must understand ...she should leave the lable because then she wont have the industry demands measured for teeny boppers...Whitney took on a 6 month tour and triumphed with out lip synch and gimmicks..she took the heat of the gossip and naysayers and tabloids and turned it to fresh cool air..she has less than a month left...She has her spirit and has risen above adversity...God is in her and she is showing her faith and ability and learned her strength..she is on a mission and our role as fans is to learn the positivity from it..I see no use for J or Arista because they fumbled

That was too hilarious!! Only Whitney can ad-lib about a wardrobe malfunction and make it sound great.

after the brake she had a little difficulty with her clothes and she was kind of behind the curtain still and sang about it - it was hilarious - I almost forgot about it.. too funny Laughing out loud ROFL

I saw Whitney Houston today on TV singing
"I wanna be staring somethin" for Michael`s 30th Birthday.
And he liked it very much and so that`s why I´am thinking
he would like too how Whitneys sings for him today Smile

Let's face it, whitney is no longer a pop artist singing frilly uptempo songs like the way she did in her prime. Her voice has changed and fits gospel/jazz/soul/rnb genres which is her current voice. Agree with most of what dj kimya said except the leaving arista with self producing and mgt. That would be industry suicide with the way the music environment is today. They do have Arista Legacy label which is for older artists and classic releases. Whitney is still too young for that branch. Most artists are in their late 50's and 60's over there, lol.

Thanks for the review Sunny, and like everyone else said I wouldn't worry about it.

...Well as I am still a student I should study... but my concentration currently is running only on Whitneymode.. so to cut myself off a bit I only want to be in this forum for the time being - but I´ll have a look once in a while at Whitneyfan. Thanks Smile
Few secs before that big note...
and on another level - the concertgoers are also responsible for their own feelings, if tey wanna have a good night they will have it!! It´s so true!

By the way I found a USB cable and managed to upload my first pic... (it´s one of the few rare good ones)

i postet it!!! but are you on W-F a member???
how will you know what they have said??

or should i post it here back then???

The Munich concert was AMAZING !!! Thank you, thank you, thank you ! Great musicians, great singers, great dancers, great audience - great Whitney !!!! Smile

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