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Sneak Peek at "Million Dollar Bill!"


Here's a sneak peek at Whitney's newest music video - Million Dollar Bill! Be sure to come back to later today for the premiere of the entire video!

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Hottttttttttt! Whitney looks so fresh and fabulous. Can't wait to see the whole thing!


May God continue to shine a light on you and use you as a vessel so that others are brought to him.

Ms. Whitney Houston.....what can I say? I pre-ordered the album and received it the weekend before it hit the stores and I have been listening NON-STOP to this album every day since. I know every song on this album by heart. I love every track but I have to say that my favorite is Like I Never Left. Though the lyrics demonstrate the necessity to get a former love back I equate it to the love she has for her fans and her words of how much she needs them.

....Your girl is coming home
I want you to love me like i never left
I want you to hold me like i never left....
...I had enough I miss you bad, what I did leave in the past
Yes your girl is coming back...

We love you Whitney (like you never left). Keep doing amazing work to inspire us.

SHEEE'S BAAAACCCK!!!! Oh I'm so happy not just that you are back singing for us and the lord but that you found yourself again! I will continue to pray for your continues healing an growth!

I love You... Ti voglio Bene...

a kiss from Italy

You are truly an inspiration. One of the finest singers EVER! What a beautiful and powerful voice you have. I've already downloaded tons of your songs. Looking forward to many more.

God is Great...thank you Whitney for believing in God and continuing to do so...too many of great artists have fallen to the despair of using anything: drugs, alcohol, gambling, love, sex, etc.. and didn't come back...but your are a great inspiration for a lot of people...we don't mean to put that pressure on you...but you have been in a life that I know too well...and just like you I prayed to God for strength and guidance and just when I thought that He didn't hear me...He proved me wrong...I am not religious but I am very spiritual and I do believe that we have been Bless with another chance at Life...Whitney, I hope you do see this website and see how many people love and adore your strength...its funny how we can cheer for someone who doesn't know us personally to come back from the grips of hell and continue to praise them...but your special...God bless you with talent and that is a blessing in its self...I have and had memebers of my family caught up with the grips of addiction...most came back and I am still praying for one of my brothers who is still having a hard time..but what I can do is to continue to pray for him as well as others who suffers from this addiction ...but again Whitney thank you for your interview with Orpah and I hope to see you soon at one of your concerts...believe I will be there...even if I have to get second job to pay for it...God Bless You and Bobbi Christina and may you continue your journey....Always Nilsa an admirer..

All I can say is...Work it.. Work IT!!! LOL Loving more and more everyday Whitney!!!

Whitney você arrasou na Oprah foi lindo sua performace, espero que logo logo você venha ao BRASIL, para cantar muito bjs bjs.

I was pleasantly surprised by your interview with Oprah. I don't know if I've ever seen a celebrity interview where Jesus was so glorified. Your faith and love for the Lord shined through! I pray that the world does not effect your faith in days to come. Thank you for being so bold in your faith and shining the light on Him . . . in prime time! You're a gifted and beautiful abassador for the Lord. I hope to meet you on the other side, Sister.

I can't wait to get your new CD.

Blessing to you a thousand times over,
Lori Potts

PS: Your daughter is just a doll!