Part 2 of Whitney's exlusive Oprah interview is today! | The Official Whitney Houston Site

Part 2 of Whitney's exlusive Oprah interview is today!


The second part of Whitney's exclusive interview, as well as her incredible performance of "I Didn't Know My Own Strength," will be on Oprah this afternoon! Check your local listings to see when to tune in, and don't miss it!

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So HAPPY that you are alright and found the strength to reclaim your life back. Your interview with Oprah touched my heart so deeply. I will be praying for you to stay strong.
Thank you for singing again. I was so worried this time would never come, but thank God you're back better than ever.
So proud of you!!!

May God hold you tight. Your the best, God has answered many prayers.You have the voice of a angel. Sing his praise.

I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am that Whitney is BACK!!

I grew up listening to her early music, had every album (there's my age!), sung constantly to her songs, attended EVERY concert I could afford...because she has one of the most - if not THE most - angelic voices I have ever heard!

I was SO moved by her interview with Oprah! It takes a very strong spirit to admit mistakes, to learn from them, and to come out of the storm stronger than ever...and Whitney has done that! I am so very proud that she was strong enough to not "break", and to move forward with God's support and love, and give back to the world the very special gift she has been given!

I agree with #7 is by far my FAVE!!!

Way to go, Whitney! Every song on your new cd is 150% fantastic!!!

With Love and Prayers from Indiana,


Witney, you've been somebody i have admire for so many years. I still have the memories of the film you star in THE BODY GUARD. I love that so much. When i heard that things are going bad with you, i wish i could be there to give you a shoulder to lean on. Now that by the Grace of God, you've been delivered from this bad side of the road i pray that you guide yourself with Words of wisdom from the the Creator who gave you the enablement to come back again. I bless God for your life and you going to be an Inspiration to many who think they can't make it back. Be strong and move on and hope the good Lord protects and guide you through your life's journey. I couldn't listen to you but am there in spirit with you. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY GIRL. THE SKY IS YOUR LIMIT. Remember to always forgive and forget and use your past to guide you as you move on. Be strong and move forward. Shalom, Peace and Live to you. Bye

Emmanuel B-G (From Ghana)



I watched episode one and two and was touched by your honesty. I was so blessed by you giving the praise and thankfulness to the Lord for bringing you back around. I'm so thankful to know the God of second chances also.

When you sang your song on Oprah's show it brought tears to my eyes. You have an anointed voice and I'm so glad you are using it again. Your talent is just incredible.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with the world. God bless you.


Hi Girl, I am so glad your back, healthy & stronger than ever. Its been to long. I wish you the very best. If you do a tour I hope & pray that you make Buffalo, New York one of your stops.
You have so many fans here.
God Bless You & keep smiling & that glorious glow you have within your self.
Love ya
Mary Jo
Buffalo, New York

Dear Miss Houston,

Now than ever before you are an inspiration to me.
With the help of GOD you came trough with grace, strength, and wisdom.
May your light keep shining even brighter, and inspire all of us like myself, who love you so very much...
May GOD bless you...

Florence, NY

I have to say that, this new Album could not of came out at a better time..Talk about "Devine Appointment" truely God knows how much we can take..He never gives us anything we can not handle. Thank you Whitney for your straight,courage & will. You are truely Remarkable. I wish you, your daughter & Family Blessings.....Thank you again, Sinecerly Always by you side...