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Whitney on Oprah Today!


Don't miss Oprah's exclusive interview with Whitney Houston today on the season premiere of The Oprah Winfrey Show! Be sure to check your local listings for air times. And don't forget to tune in tomorrow for part 2 of Oprah's exclusive interview, when Whitney will perform "I Didn't Know My Own Strength"!!

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I never stopped being a fan of yours Whitney. I knew things were not good for you and kept you in my prayers. I made sure to watch your complete interview with Oprah. I honor you for your candor and honesty. It took the blood of Jesus and his strength within you to give you what you needed to get through ALL that you have been through. I am single/divorced now ten (10) years from an abusive relationship and cried the whole way through your interview. I, too, did not know my strength, courage or tenaciousness until I stepped out of the way and allowed God to take control of the wheel. I am so so so proud of you my sister. You are an inspiration to many women both young and old alike. I am honored to be on this earth at the same time as you. Continue to hold to his strength as he will not fail you. I love you dearly and am a very devoted fan. Blessings to Oprah for honoring your spirit and giving you a place to speak your truth. Always, Maggie

she made me soooooooooooooo proud she sound very good to whitney you are my hero and your child is very pretty too

I am so glad that you've returned. You look great. And you sounded wonderful on Oprah. Keep holding your head high. You, more than anything else, are a child of God. We humans love to judge people. It's in our nature for some crazy reason. God is truly the only judge, and He loves us all. He loves you. He never leaves our side, even though we are not aware of his presence. Thank you for your honesty. I am sending good wishes and hope your way. Charlie

you may not know it but, I can personally say I have seen every movie, heard every sound from any song that you have made and my heart goes out to you. I know what it is to love unconditionally. and I know that on that road to recovery you have also found that something that can't be explained in words. its something that is felt and given from up above. much love and gratitude goes to you and may you remain humble and enjoy what god has in store for you and embrace it dearly. I can personally say I know your heart and it is good. wrap yourself with the one's who love you and the things you know. the unknown has to be left just as that, as you stated. Love you whitney ....from a true fan...who have watched you from the beginning and will be there until the end. you are more than a icon, but lesser than god, you are one of the chosen to sing his songs, may you ring the bells with your voice and bring much joy to this world as we both know you can.

just a word for Whitney Houston
with time comes peace,with love comes understanding,with knowledge comes faith, with fear comes heartbreak, with you whitney comes joy. It hurts me to hear people say they are sorry that you have left them, but in reality a part of you was always there, just not the part they were used to knowing. we all have been through something,and will continue to go though something. it is all apart of god's process.nothing can be done until he allows an escape from it all the madness we create for ourselves.he has opened the door for you, use it wisely with no regrets. love you Vanessa Talley


iam 46 and can relate to your emotional rollercoaster marriage. I am so happy thatyou remembered who the resource (God) is to our deliverance and healing. I cry everytime I hear your new CD , and I will prayer that you will stay focus. Please also know that your beautiful daughter is your accountability person. Being accountable to her will give you the strength to stay clean. I love you and I am sooooooooooo happy that you now know that God loves you unconditional.

Love Always,
A long time Fan & Sist'a

Whitney has more strength than I could have ever imagined. I hold the upmost respect for her candid honesty. What a beautiful moment, Whitney you were not built to break!

Whitney has been my favorite female vocalist since her first song came out years ago. I am so happy she is back. I am so thankful her mother intervened and made her realize how much she was loved and took her out of the life of drugs she was living in. Her marriage was a relationship built on drugs, lies, money, power, fun, darkness, and destruction. What started out as love, ended in disaster as this beautiful woman became entwined into a wicked web of darkness and deceit by a man who was suppose to honor and respect her but brought her down to his level. Her strength in God gave her the power greater than herself to help give her the strength to pull herself out of the life she was living in and bring herself back into the world she belongs. Sometimes we lose sight of what is important to us and it only seems God is not near us, because we aren't looking or praying because Satan has his ways, but if we pray, God is always close by. Remember Whitney, to always stay close to the lord and he will give you the strength you need. All your fans are so proud of you. We have missed you and your beautiful voice. Welcome back, we love you.

Your Biggest Fan.....

God is good all the time!!! Let his name be above all names!!! God, I just wanna say THANK YOU for bringing my very own singing bird to me again. Oh Lord, You are just Wonderful!!! Whitney I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!



Thank you Thank You Thank You. I am truly fighting back the tears. "I didn't know my own strength" was for me. On Oprah you said you thought about the others when singing this song and I received it. Your songs have always been used to get me through tough times.

When I was molested as a child I remember escaping to "The Greatest Love". Then on my 13th birthday my stepfather molested me and it honest shattered my spirit and "All at once" and "How will I know" were my life jacket. I was confused about love. God put a young boy in my life to show me real love and when it was time for me to spread my wings and mature "Didn't we have it all" got me through. "All the man" allowed me to accept mature love as I met my husband. After 15 years of marriage my husband had an affair. I felt like I would never love myself or him again. I have struggled. I have stayed true to the word of God. Riding to work this morning Steve Harvey played "I didn't know my own strength". I said "WOW". When you sung that song on Oprah it hit me. I am still here. I am stronger than I thought. I am a great mother. I am a great woman. I am a great wife. It was the final piece that I needed to say OK, I can do this and hold my head up." I love you for being the vessel used by God to pull me through the rough times in my life.

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!

Whitney, I have prayed for you faithfully. I knew you would come back to us without a shadow of a doubt. Months past after I prayed for you along with many others I am sure. God got you up out of that mess, not mess but mess. Thank you God and thank you Whitney for beleiving in God and yourself. I TRULY LOVE YOU! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BUILD YOU UP AND FILL YOU!!!!