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Whitney Houston Launches New Music Store!


Get Whitney's critically acclaimed new album, I Look To You, at Whitney's brand new Music Store!

Shop Whitney's entire catalog of music featuring some of the greatest albums of all time! Plus, get your hands on rare dance remixes and more! The store features both CDs and DRM-Free MP3 Downloads!

Coming soon... Whitney Houston's DVD Collection!

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Whitney... I just wanna tell you "I look to you"

Whitney I've always knew that someday you'd survive and bounce back to reality and girl did you leap forward very far. I never lost faith in you, because to do so would mean I'd lost faith in him...you know who I'm talking about..the one who never left or will leave you when all men and everything else fails.

I listened to your album and cried tears of joy saying in silence to the critics and all the rest of the world, Whitney's back from a short vacation...GLAD TO SEE YOU AGAIN.

God Bless and touch everything you do or attempt to do henceforth. Your going to make it girl...you have already, keep on keeping on and I mean forward.


For me the wait still isn't over...Sad
The album is gonna be out in The Neths tomorrow.
Roll on Friday!!!

Hi Whitney

I am from Penang, Malaysia. I have bought your album since Whitney 2 decades ago. I remember I was just a teen in Form 6 and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" was the song of the day.

I just got your album last night and boy I have been playing this album over and over.

I am really touched with "I Didn't Know My Own Strength". Very inspiring. Very personal.

Whitney. Looking forward from more hits from you.

Whitney, I knew that you would return and I also declare that you will be better than ever before, I promise you that God will restore everything that the cankerworms took from you and even more. Satan wanted to desrtoy you but mercy said no. I thank God for you and may he continue to bless and stregthen you. Just remember that God is not a man, that he should lie. He promised to bless you and therfore you are and will continue to be blessed. Amd always know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


Dear whitney,
i am so touched by your life, i had alway loved you and couldnt explain what happened to you. please dont ever ever allow anything to put you away again. you dont know how much you mean to humanity. i am grateful to God for bringing you back. i have listened to "i didnt know my own strenght" so many time over today it is such a blessing not just to me alone but to my colleges in the office. Also "i look to you". Godbless you. Godbless you.....

Hello Whitney,
We missed you so much and kept on wondering what had happened to you. Thank God you are back. Please dont ever allow anything to put you away again cos you are a blessing to so many... you are truely blessed. I ve listened to " i didnt know my own strenght" several time.was also touched deeply by "i look to you", i am truely lifted. i lack words to express how i feel about you. But you mean a lot to so many people. please hold up and hold high. Godbless you..Godbless you.

whitney at the age of 8 years my mom always played your songs in the house i grew up loving your songs,and i will allway's love your songs i'm in tears to know that you are back may the good lord bless you.all i can say is whitney i love you

I cant wait for the dvd collection,there should be a dvd full of live performances.Whitney would have to be 1 of the best live female vocalists ever!!I love gettin on youtube and watchin live vids there,totally insperational!!(hope u read this post clive).lol.

Sister Whitney, this is comming from a Delivered Crack Coke, Addited person, as well as an alcoholic, for 31 years Plus 5 suicide attempts,(using something other than drugs) I have prayed for you, I have cried for you, I have went to the altar many, many, many, times, I knew when the Lord showed me, a vision of you standing before thousands of screaming fans all who have loved you from your first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, (with your afro) and shiny blouse, and that tiny waist of yours, He showed me that you were comming back stronger than ever, that your testimony was going to be the one who will set alot of Celebrities, free from themselves, which is what you had to be delivered from, Not the drugs, but you had to be set free from Whitney Houston (yes, I suffered the same self hatred) then one day after my last and final suicide attempt, The Lord delivered me and that was 11 years ago.This year, I knew in my Heart, Soul, Spirit, that you would be back singing to the Christian Community, but touching the secular, world, as powerful as ever.And so, God answered my prayers once again, Well, we lost Michael, only to gain back "OUR" girl Ms Whitney Houston . May God Bless and keep you..
P.S. YOU GO MS BOBBIE!!!! you look wonderful, I thank God, that you never gave up on your mother, you stayed by her side. Many Special blessings to Mr Clive Davis, as Well as Momma Houston, Always remeber "Greater is He that is you, than he, that is in the world." No weapon formed against you shall ever prosper, in Jesus' name.