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Whitney Houston on GMA


Watch Whitney's full GMA performance at goodmorningamerica.com! See Whitney's first public performance in years as she perform hits off her new records and some old favorites!

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Whitney Houston!! We are so thankful you are doing well. How many prayers have gone to the Heavens about you and your family over the years - millions, I am sure. As a counselor, I see so many people hurting. Your song says it PERFECTLY. I look to YOU. To God, to your fellow humans, within yourself - we all are on that journey and we all have times when our own strength just is not adequate to cope. We are all interconnected, children of God, and I believe He wants us to reach out and help each other through. This brings such joy. Your song will inspire many who are suffering. Whitney - I am 47 - a young 47 I hope!! I grew up with you and I always prayed for your beautiful music to return to us. To inspire us, to heal us. And, to inspire and heal YOU. God Bless You, your family, your beautiful mother and daughter. Know that if you hit more bumps in the road....that's ok. You'll ride them out - it's a process and a journey - and your story will inspire others to make changes that are so incredibly difficult to make. Keep on loving yourself - you are so worth it!!!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world! You were beautiful on GMA this morning - a woman coming into a new phase of her life - with a lot more wisdom and love to share!

Whitney gave her love and songs to inspired fans for long long time and now it's time for fans to give back to her ,believe in her ,love her. take a rest atleast a week and everything will be the same.......i still believe in you.....love whitney

I was so happy to see Whitney on GMA looking so beautiful and performing the new material from the album. I really like Million Dollar Bill. It is so upbeat and catchy. It was great to see Bobby Christina and your mother there to support you. I wish you nothing but the best with this album. I am so glad that you came back and that you didn't give up. You are an inspiration. I love you Whitney and I pray that nothing but joy and happiness fills your life. Keep working hard and always remember that God still makes miracles. All you have to do is believe. Big hug!

Everytime i hear Whitney singing it´s like hearing angels singing only for me. Noboby else sings so well like Whitney, and never will

I´m so happy now knowing that Whitney is back. Beauty like always was and full of like, that´s perfect and nobody loves you like i do. I love you Whitney !!

I just watched your performance from GMA. Your tribute to God, Your Mother and us Fans made me cry. Your Mother is so proud and I have watched her watch you from the wings since the mid 80's It is such a blessing to have Your Mother and to watch the pride and admiration she has for you touched my heart. Whitney, thank you so much You are a talent and a inspiration to me. My Friends tease me so much because I have loved and stuck by You since I seen your video "How Will I Know"

Glad to have a Real Singer Around again

God Bless You Whitney! I am so happy to see you doing what you were created to do. You are and have been in prayers. Go Diva! Go Diva! Go! Keep looking to Him and all will continue to work for you good.

Whitney -- congratulations on being #1 on Amazon.com and I Tunes tonight. Look forward to the announcement of you having the #1 album in the country on Billboard next week. The album is amazing and I cannot stop playing it over and over. Bravo!

Woman of great faith I’m glad to hear.
Have withstood the greatest and craziest test of time I couldn’t wander
I knew you would pull it through when you held unto to Him. He never ceases to amaze!
Through thick and thin, family and friends tightly held hands.
Night and day, they kept you safe, free from harm. It’s nice to know that -
Everyday from now on, you’ll be living a renewed life!
You’re a gift and was granted God’s wonderful gift. Went astray, that’s past! Shine again! Don't falter.

Hang on my dear Whitney! Never fear!
On your way up again to revive the old great glory, I await. Everyone awaits!
Use your great talent to inspire more people.
Sing us songs from your great heart and soul!
Take not – quick steps.
Only you can seize the moment – Take such extra loving care!
Never – You never lost the charm! You used to be a great diva and I know you’re still one of the greatest divas ever! Shine, Whitney! Shine!

It takes some inspiration perhaps to compose these lines with your name. Smile! Keep the spirit alive! If you’re planning to take a tour, please make sure to schedule one in New York… Make it soon! Hope I'm still here. =)

Wow,why are the critics so hard on Whitney? They can't even sing!!! We love Whitney,hoarse and all. The girl can sing,and we love you Whitney. You still have it,and I will buy any project you record!!