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Watch Whitney's full GMA performance at goodmorningamerica.com! See Whitney's first public performance in years as she perform hits off her new records and some old favorites!

Check back soon for bonus footage!

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You were amazing on GMA and I love you...The only thing that I did not like was when you said: ME AND BOBBY'S BABY~ Now, that may be true---that is forever you and bobby's baby...but did you really need to mention him at all? Keep going forward Whitney---you never left...and never look back. Stay strong.

THE DIVA IS BACK AND GOING STRONGER THAN EVER. Love it love it love it that our Whitney is back God bless the DIVA and her family

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Ms. Whitney Houston,

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for blessing me today. I have been your biggest fan since the age of eight and you still continue to inspire me until this very moment as I write this to you. You are AWESOME, AMAZING, and MORE BEAUTIFUL than ever. Smile I was touched by so many different moments during your performance this morning. You brought me to tears. You are truly blessed with the greatest voice of all time. Your daughter is beautiful just like you and she definitely inherited your vocal abilities. I am so happy to see you surrounded by the love of your daughter, mother, family and millions of fans....

Thank you for remaining YOU over the years and for reminding the world of what a TRUE voice, a TRUE talent and what REAL music is all about. I love you like my own big sister and will always support you, pray for you and love you all the days of my life. May GOD continue to bless you and keep you as you venture on this next chapter of your life. I love you....


~ Kosiso N. Onyia

I have never been so proud of a person with a struggle. I saw Whitney today and Cried with joyfull tears. I cried for Sissy to see her baby come back. I cried for Bobbi Kris to see her Mom. I cried for the strong woman that Whitney is. I have been a fan since her and Teddy and You give good love. I have loved Whitney and have cried for her downfalls. Whitney if you read this know that one fan loves you and you will never not be in my prayers. I am you fan in good times. I am your prayer worrier in bad times. But all times I love you and know that with the goddness of God you will make it through.

There is a song that goes I made it through the rain by Berry Manalow you have made it Girl and this Fan is so so proud to call you the best.

Now everyone get out there and get the C.D. even if it sucks get it. My Girl is back.

always love you, your new album is great..freshy and show how spirit you have for fans around this world........Love love Whitney!

when whitney sing i look to you this morning on gma she was crying omg i cry whit her too

Whitney was amazing on GMA. Even thogh her voice was tired, she had great energy and was really enjoying the crowd. I am so glad to see her back!! Let's all pray that God continue to bless her.. There are enough haters in the world who try and tear people down. So stop and think before you speak. I am just so glad to have Whitney back again. I have the album now and have listened to it twice already!!

It is so wonderful to see you again, you have been like a mentor to me growing up and when you where going through your storm I asked the Lord to keep a protective shield over you and your family. You what the answered that prayer and brought you safely back and stronger than ever. You don't know me but I would like to say Thank You for all that you do and for what the Lord has in store for you and your family in the future, you are truly blessed and a great inspiration for all young women who may feel like they can't make out of any situation thrown at them. The Lord isn't through yet. Love You and My Girl is back on the screen ready or not here she comes.

I love Whitney Houston, She is my inspiration! To overcome any thing in this world it takes strength, courage and wisdom. I love her music as well as her as a person, Go Whitney!!!!! Ms.Houston if you nasty!!!!LoL