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GMA Sneak Peak Video!


Whitney Houston will be performing on Good Morning America Tomorrow, 09/02/09, and we've got a sneak peak of the show! Check out the fantastic video below. The GMA performance airs at 7:00am EST on ABC but be sure to check back here at for additional behind-the-scenes content! The Diva Returns!

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Welcome back Whitney! I just watched Good Morning America in Central Park-Great job and so touching. Bobby Christina is beautiful Smile. Good Luck to the future and hope all good things happen for you and your family.

she looks so amazing!
That's my girl!
Go on Whitney!

Whitney Thank You for not giving up on us your fans! I love you and have missed you! I believe our Savior is using you in a miraculous way. The words of I look to you. My son is getting out of rehab today. He has been in 5 detox unit's in 1 year. He is only 19. I pray for this song to be played in ways that will touch people and they will say oh yes. Oh Lord Heal Me. What ever it is God is the only way. I believe he is using you as an instrument of faiith, love and healing.
The emotion overwhelmes me when I hear you and on top iof that I saw you on GMA this morning. I bow to you in Thanks for all you have done.

Good luck to you Whitney!

It is unfortunate that Whitney has completely lost her voice. Her singing on GMA was so poor I had to turn it off. She should come out and say, "Hey kids, this is what happens when you do drugs. Your life gets ruined and you squander the talent god gave you. " Very sad.

All I have to say is this. Whitney, thank you. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for not giving in to all the negativity. Thank you, thank you, thank you. When I heard you sing I Look To You on GMA it brought tears to my eyes. You could the gratitude in your voice to God and your mom for never leaving your side. In the worst of your battle He gave your mom what she needed to help you. He gave you what you needed to help yourself. The prayers of the righteous avail much and those who truly only want the best for you will continue to pray for you. As for the others...well...God's got your back and He will take care of them.

whitney you were great! People will continue to be negative about your performance but no one can deney your voice.Whit has been through alot and people should realize no her voice is not the same but all the hits and her voice she has nothing to prove to me I know she can do this she has a gifted voice that soothes even in hoarseness the power is still there. I'm happy she's back!

Welcome Back Whitney!!!

The last time I seen you in concert was in Tulsa, OK many years ago. You concert on GMA was fabulous!! Bobby Christina has grown up! Is she getting ready to perform as well, like getting her own album? If so protect her. May God Protect you, and Keep You. Position yourself around positive people. Thank You, and I can’t wait till you go on tour!!!


I absolutely love it! Watched the GMA performance. Whitney really knows how to work a crowd! The I look to You song she performed really ministers to and inspires you. A real laid back Whitney is back! Show these other singers how to sing a song Whitney! I love it!

My dearest Whitney! YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE WORTHY of all the GOODNESS GOD is overflowing upon you.

Your Love is My Love,