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I Look To You

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The best album ever from Whitney. Added soul from the 'every woman'. She's cast a spell. Delivery on the album is perfection. The lives on Good Morning America and Oprah exceeded the needs of live performance. Yes those lives were heart moving renditions. Can we get more of the same here in the UK? Why are we not advertising in the UK or in the same time as europe/America? I mean last week, was Whitney not number 1 album in 14 countries charts? What a girl!

Lovin the new album its excellent,well do whitney, million dollar bill is getting loads of air play and great reviews in Dublin. Hope to see you in the 02 very soon. G

A five star album with some great emotional words meaning alot to Whitney's life over these turbulent years. she has came out the other side with a beautiful collection of the famous power ballads and dance mixes of her full career. still very hard in the Uk to get the album as it is classed as an import CD as it has not been officially released. Thats what HMV told me when I asked about the album. the supermarkets have not got any days for it as yet! we need it released so that Whitney and her fans can see her name on the charts again!
"I Did'nt Know My Own Strength" is getting alot of playing in the clubs and some great mixes are being played and I so hope it is released as her next single. the video would be amazing!

just so happy Whitney's back in form and on top.God lift you up always and i know this is an album for all time

With Only 1 track i dont like ( nothing but love) this has got to be the best music she has ever done, Especially love A SONG FOR YOU and I LOOK TO YOU a well as SALUTE !! I salute you Whitney... fantastic 10/10

No matter how far we fall, God's love never ceases; He waits for us to turn back to Him. Welcome back Whitney. God Bless you.

Whitney I Am So Happy That Your Back ,Love Your New Album I Look To You, espically the new song( I Didnt Know My Own Strength) .very touching i really get where your coming from in the lyrics .even though i only just heard it for the first time on diva tv with oprah and you .i love it already,For Everything We Have Done In Life God Never Turns His Back On Us His Always There Welcomee back Whitney We Have Missed You x
God Bless

ITS WHITNEYS BEST Album, belive me im really fussy I havent bought an album for years but I had too buy whitneys, shes just so fantastic no wonder cherl cole s*** herself singing next to you, but cherl did her best and god bless her but whitney no one could ever take away your shoes you are just the best.

i love track seven im going to take to my group tomorow to my drug and alcohol clinic its so good and im going to play it to everyone, thankyou whitney

I thought whitney's performance was fantastic on x factor i know she appared a little out of it at the end but that was because she took some calmers before the show as she was a little bit nervous, well whitney you had nothing to be nervous about ,you dont need to prove anything to your true fans we already know what you can do and there is nobody like and i dare say never will be. I got your album sent over from america as i couldn't wait for release in uk and i must say i think personnally it is one of your best and i also have two tickets to your tour in london and i cant wait, i never ever thought that i would get to see you live it is like all my christmases and birthdays rolled into one. God bless you whitney and your family keep strong.