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I Look To You In Stores Today!


The wait is over...Whitney's new album I Look To You is finally out today! Grab a CD, download at iTunes...either way you gotta pick up a copy!

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Ms. Houston, I love music to it's fullest of all genres, there is nothing better than a cd that you can listen to completely not skipping past any songs. You have done that, this album is full of emotion and passion. I am deeply honored to listen to such greatness. May God continue to protect and guide you.

I just watched the GMA performance. It was awesome! I was smiling the entire time in front of my TV. Whitney was full of energy and it was mesmerising! Great to see her back! Her album will be #1 for sure! Love you and missed you Whitney!!

I bought 2 copies; one from Walmart on Saturday and 1 from Target on Monday. I love this CD. R. Kelly is a writing genius. I love track 4, 7, and 11! Welcome Back Ms. Houston, you were missed! I have nothing but love for you!

Oh Whitney, welcome back, we missed you so much and your music still lives in our hearts. God is working in you and you are truly blessed. you have a great voice and you must continue to share it with the world. I just loved you in Preacher's Wife, that happens to be one of my favorite movies. It such an uplifting movie on how we should always have FAITH and TRUST in GOD!!!

It's cold outside, it's raining, you're driving to work...what do you do? Well I found myself listening to "I Look To You" the track "I Got You". These days it does not matter where I am there is only once CD that is truly "Worth It". You got that right, my girl Whitney has never left, and this album is truly amazing. Whitney, I cannot say thank you enough, it took a while but the extremely highly anticipated album has been released and I'm loving it so much. Through it all I have loved this amazingly and incredibly talented lady...Whitney, the legend, the diva, the queen.

A Prayer for Whitney

After Tyler Perry's request to pray for Whitney, others have listened. I found this prayer especially for Whitney that I think is worth sharing:

Heavenly Father,

I first ask that you would forgive me for being a critic of someone I don't even know. Someone who you have gifted with incredible talents, but at the same time, she is human and makes mistakes. You said that we all have sinned and fallen short of your glory, yet, with undeserved kindness, you declare us righteous. So I pray that as Whitney Houston steps back into the spotlight, you would remind her of her own righteousness and let that righteousness guide her to greater works. May you light her path and show her the direction to go as she enters this new season of life. Though there may be some that will criticize her, let that criticism not discourage her. Let her hear only from those who are speaking by your divine inspiration. Let her accept the criticisms you need her to accept. May she seek your face and look to the hills from which cometh her help and remember to run to you. You've given her many songs to sing that tell of your grace and your mercy, now let her believe those things in her heart and respond to it with her life. Be her protector, keeping her away from harmful people and danger. Be a provider, making ways out of no way. Be her comforter in the hard days to come. And be her peace so that when it is all said and done, she remembers to look to you.

In Jesus' Name,


Source: http://blog.beliefnet.com/prayerplainandsimple/2009/09/a-prayer-for-whitney-houston.html

Got 3 copies of ILTY!!!! They were worth it!! Real music is back.Love ya Whitney

I just got the cd. This is my review:
1) 7
2) 6
3) 8
4) 9
5) 7
6) 7
7) 9
Cool 6
9) 5
10) 5
11) 6
Total: 75. Grade: 6,8. Not bad for a comeback. The different voice leads me to listen more to the songs. The old voice made medium songs sound masterpieces in the past. The new voice can't do that.