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Whitney is featured in the next issue of Entertainment Weekly...check out the article below!

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Dear Whitney Houston,
En route to pray and transfer healing energy to a friend suffering from cancer and recuperating from chemo, I placed your CD I Look To You into my automobile CD player. Your delivery of I Look To You raised the goose bumps on my arms. Your vocals reflect your strength, vulnerability, integrity, struggle, spirituality, and humanness...the same character traits that my friend exercises during his present struggle. Ms. Whitney Houston, thank you. Your intensity...your passion, your love all flows through,,,to the spiritual base. Deep meditation, prayer, preparation and your voice prepared me to counsel with my friend with discerning words and touch. My friend and his wife were touched on a spiritual level. God surrounded us with his love. Tears flowed easily as well as the healing energy. Returning home, I listened again to I Look To You and this time I heard a deeper message which prompted me to drive by my special place...the still water, a place of solace in mý resídential village of France. where the tree branches kiss the water. As your song ended, I parked the car, turned off the motor and approached the small bridge from where I peer down into the body of water. There, swimming in the water were two beautiful fish and above the water, two blue green dragonflies. This imagery assists me in knowing that my friend, with the support of his wife and God will remain strong and supportive of each other during their crisis. I will purchase your CD and present it to them as a gift. Your voice is a healing voice, and your journey is a testimony.God bless you.

Dear Whitney,
En route to pray and transfer healing energy to a friend suffering from cancer, I placed your CD I look To You into my automobile CD player. Your vocals reflect your vulnerability, integrity, struggle, strength, spirituality, and humanness, and love.... the same traits that my friend reflects during his struggle. Prayer, meditation, preparation and your voice assisted me in counselling my friend and his wife from a spiritual place and with discerning words. God shed his light during our exchange... tears flowed freely as well as healing energy. I will purchase your new CD and present it to my friends as a gift. Thank you Ms. Houston. Your journey, your voice and your victory is your testimony.

Thank you for the come back. I hope that this come back brings you many blessings. You are indeed the best and there will only be on Whitney. Stay with us forever! You have always been amazing as a singer. Great to have you back!


Gran amiga Whitney, eres un sol de cosas bellas.
Es maravilloso poder volver a escuchar tan placida voz y hermosa sonrisa.
Que sigan los éxitos y ahora con mucha más fe a bailar y disfrutar la vida!!!
Un gran abrazo desde Caracas- Venezuela

Great friend Whitney, you're a sun of beautiful things.
It is wonderful to hear again so placid voice and beautiful smile.
To continue the success and now with much more faith to dance and enjoy life!
A big hug from Caracas-Venezuela

Dear Miss Houston,
I belive you are the best singer in my entire lifetime. You have worked so hard and you have been through so much. Your voice and talent is a gift from God. We should all be thankful you are here on this earth for us. Thank you for coming back into our lives.
Much love Alexander 777

Way to go the cd is fantastic everything I thought it would be. Continue to keep the faith and stay in prayer. God Is Great

Oh Whitney....all I can say is thank you for coming back. You were SO missed. We need your beautiful music. Don't you know that.

Victoria Smile

god said he can do all things Ms Houston everybody love u love u and he did

Well I thing that the best i can say to Whit it's THANK U FOR COMING BACK!!!
The world of the music was needing of reak talent.. the singers that are showing these days aren't really talent, they haven't a true powerfull voice as u have.. I'm really happy and I thank GOD that u're back to save our ears of so much trash!! Whit, honey.. can I ask u for two things? First of all.. When u begin you tour can u PLEASE come to BRAZIL??.. Second of all.. Can u record a song with ANASTACIA? she's one of the least singers that reaaaaaally sing as a DIVA.. you and her together would be AMAZING! Two Big Divas, Ladies with a really powerfull voice and big talent!!

kisses .. =*

We Love You Whit!! ♥

So glad she is BACK and healthy!!! She seems to be doing great(without Bobby), what more can you really ask for? The album is on point and her voice sounds alot better!!