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Whitney In Entertainment Weekly


Whitney is featured in the next issue of Entertainment Weekly...check out the article below!

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Wow, Great and powerful songs! I knew you were a strong person and that God would pull you through. I am so glad that you are back. You have a spirit about you that delivers to others. You are gift from God and your music/songs help others get through some of the troubles in this world. Stay strong and Keep on! You HAVE won this fight!

Whitney , I am so excited for your new release. I knew you would do it again. I listen to all your songs and I look forward to seeing you at the grammys again. You are an inspiration to others that no matter what they go through in life they can overcome the impossible. Thank you.

I don't like this quote, but I love the photo. And I really hope that this album will be as big as MLYL was.

I believe that the Oprah's interview will leave the past in the past. It will be all about happiness and leave the sadness behind!

Whitney, your timing on coming out with a new album and an outstanding and incredible comeback could not be more appropriate for me. I have been working so hard on getting my music and my voice out there and to just get that one opportunity that could change things and turn them around for me and my music. I have been trying to promote myself as well on my new website and I have you as my featured artist!. Your song "I look to You" says it all. When all my... faith and strength is gone I will look to him and You!. This might be the very thing I need to help me keep the faith and to not give up. Whitney as you know, sometimes it is easier to give up on your dream then to have to work so hard for it and maybe never get it, but as you have proven, dreams can only come true if you keep believin in yourself and never let people or things stand in your way. I don't see myself the next Whitney Houston but I can see myself being a back up singer for someone like her and as talented as her. And then maybe I can sing lead like you someday. Whitney, thank you for your inspiration over the years and I will continue to "look to you". You are extrordinarly beautiful, charming and talented and you deserve nothing but the best and all the success, forever.

Sandra Lee W

the best always...i love you so much!!! come back to us whitney,i'm waiting for you.

Love the EW article, but not the EW album review. And the Diane Warren quote was completely accurate. Whitney had to fix herself first, before she could get back to making music. And the album is a true representation of Whitney finding her own strength again. I'm really proud of Whitney and the work she did on this album. And I really can't wait for this album to blow up, and make the haters eat their words.

I can not believe that in 2 days Whitney's Cd releases. I have prayed for this woman. She has inspired me so much. I love Whitney not for her lyrics, catchy beats, or vocal skill, although all of those are perfect. But i love Whitney for the purity in her voice. She has the only voice that will make me stop whatever I'm doing and listen. Like Lionel Richie said in "The Preacher's Wife"," if you really want to know what love sounds like, the secret is in her voice." Her voice is rich in emotions and laced with love. Even if she didn't come back with an album, just knowing that God has preserved her is good enough. God Bless you Whitney.

In one performance overseas, Whitney had performed a version of "Superstar(Don't You Remember?)" as a tribute to one of her colleagues, the late Luther Vandross. Does anyone else believe she should record that selection on one of her albums, in both the soulful manner of Vandross and the faster but more melancholy manner of the late Karen Carpenter?

Those who do believe that she should, as I do, are invited to say so; even those who are not so convinced are invited to say that much.

--Parker Gabriel

<strong>My angel appeared with her hands full of valuable gifts.. </strong>

With this new album Whitney has proved that she's still able to be on top.
That she doesn't have to earn love - she's got it.
Look at Whitney - who have doubts that she is a true Diva?
Gog bless.