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Beyonce Surprises Audience With Whitney Houston Tribute


Beyonce wows the crowd with her tribute to Whitney Houston while performing "I Will Always Love You" into "Halo" this past weekend in Atlantic City.

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Cool....Very cool, Beyonce'! You rock, sister.

very nice....showing your gratitude B! Let it not be forgotten that WH was among the artists that paved the way...

i think tasha smith should play whitney in movie

Classy with respect!

The Beyonce sings well and the tribute was nice, but better than Whitney is proven that there appears no other singer in the world. I will always love Whitney Houston, the best of all Divas!!!

A Beyonce canta bem e foi legal a homenagem, porem melhor que a Whitney está provado que não irá aparecer nenhuma outra cantora no mundo. Eu sempre amarei Whitney Houston, a melhor de todas as Divas!!!!!!!

Whiterabbit, lol.....yes, I'm trying to understand why some people advertise/try to sell their business on this site. I think they have forgotten that this site is in remembrance of Whitney Houston's life and legacy and for her true fans to come together to share/express their thoughts and feelings about this beautiful women,...sheesh! That's what the Whitney merchandise site store is used for, lol By the way, there is this Whitney gold/black/white huge tote bag I simply adore. I had to get it!!

That was nicely done!

Last week the Whitney bought the DVD "Live from Welcome Home Heroes Concert" and I was very excited watching this wonderful Diva. My God, Whitney was an amazing singer!!! It really was not of this planet. I follow the careers of Whitney from the start and every time I hear it is like the first. My heart is very sore at the loss of which is the best singer in the world. May God bless and comfort the hearts of all of us fans, we suffered with the absence of Whitney Houston. I ask God's blessing also for her family, who suffer more than us. We love you so much Whitney!! God bless you forever, Voice of the Angels!!!!

Semana passada comprei o DVD da Whitney "Live from Welcome Home Heroes Concert" e fiquei muito emocionada assistindo esta Diva maravilhosa. Meu Deus, a Whitney era uma cantora sensacional!!!!!!!Ela realmente não era deste planeta. Eu acompanho a carreira da Whitney desde o início e cada vez que a ouço é como se fosse a primeira. O meu coração está muito ferido com a perda desta que é a melhor cantora do mundo. Que Deus abençoe e conforte os corações de todos nós fans, que sofremos com a ausência da Whitney Houston. Peço a benção de Deus também para a família dela, que sofre muito mais que nós. Nós te amamos muito Whitney!!!!!!Deus te abençoe pra sempre, voz dos Anjos!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my fellow whitney fans!!! my dream was to meet Whitney. Those dreams has been placed on hold upon her passing. I was deeply hurt by her passing. God allowed me to still show my love by giving me the words to a song just for Whitney!! please go to youtube type in mizphit123
I Miss You (Whitney Houston Tribute) Any real Whitney fans will understand where Im coming from!! Thank you GOD BLESS!!