Listen to "His Eye Is On the Sparrow" performed by Whitney Houston | The Official Whitney Houston Site

Listen to "His Eye Is On the Sparrow" performed by Whitney Houston


The Yolanda Adams show premiered Whitney's amazing rendition of "His Eye Is On the Sparrow" this morning. Listen to the full song from the Sparkle Movie Soundtrack HERE:

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Yesterday I found several concerts of Whitney on youtube, and I saved all my Orkut with great emotion. I also found the song Moment of Truth, who did not play in Brazil, so I did not know. Moment of Truth is a beautiful song and would like the record of the Whitney put this music on CD for all his fans could have the pleasure to enjoy the wonderful voice of our Diva Whitney. Whitney missed forever!!! I Love you.

Ontem encontrei vários concertos da Whitney no youtube, e salvei todos no meu Orkut com muita emoção. Encontrei também a música Moment of Truth, que não tocou no Brasil, por isso eu não a conhecia. Moment of Truth é uma música linda e gostaria que a gravadora da Whitney colocasse esta música em CD para que todos os seus fans pudessem ter o prazer de curtir a voz maravilhosa da nossa Diva Whitney. Saudades eternas Whitney!!!!!!! I Love you.

This song brought tears to my eyes .Just hear the most beautiful in the world . I will always love Whitney.

Awesome..a perfect angel!!

Perfect Song for perfect voice of an angel. Miss you Whitney!

This is still hard. I understand she is no longer walking this earth, but it's still so hard to let her go. We were so tremendously blessed to have her...

I love this song and every song you ever made god bless you Whitney I will always love you!!

Its so so hard to let you go I listen to your music and cry like a baby, Lord knows we loved you so much Whitney I wish to god we could have prevented this. I just hope you knew how much you where loved!

Whitney, you're an angel now in God's heavenly choir.

Lord help us to understand this loss.
Great voice

I feel like she was a family member of mine and I miss her so much. This sound so beautiful now she can look down and see how many people truly adored her. Love and Miss Whitney so much.