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Here is the last song of the day from the GLEE cast, "My Love Is Your Love." Listen below. If you loved what you heard, all of the songs will be available Tuesday, 4/24 on iTunes.

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Finally Amber and Kevin.....yassssss
I needed a break from the bs..

Kevin sounds so smooth! They all sound great together, IHN and IWDWS will be my favorite performances on the show I'm sure, but this is my favorite song by miles.

It should have been Artcedes only

thank you again for all the songs Smile

There will never be another Whitney Houston in this lifetime! She will be truely remembered and truely missed. RIP.................hanya tinggal kenangan selamanya, Inlah angkara dadah..............

artie, mercedes, kurt, and blaine. what a quartet! completely astounding!

The Glee group's really talented. I am so happy the music industry has the ability to connect the younger generation with songs from our time.

There will be many things said about her music and talent for years to come. She and Clive Davis along with the producers over the years were meticulously precise in the vocal arrangements they created. There will never be another like her but you all have paid her a great tribute in the covers of these songs. Congrats to all of you on a job well done. I admit it was hard for me to listen to them in their entirety but I'd like to especially commend Chis Colfer. That was a tough song you tackled sir and you should be proud of yourself. Lots of Love, Steven Ciccone

This is song is so beautfiul especially when e glee group sing it.....R.I.P Whitney.......Hope to hear more of it from them(glee)... I LOVE GLEE!!!!

@annabelle yeah nobody said she was the next're reaching so yeah
And with the pitch of this song she sounds wonderful just listen to the original like REALLY listen and hopefully you'll understand...