GLEE'S FIRST LISTEN FRIDAY - "I HAVE NOTHING" | The Official Whitney Houston Site



Whitney received a standing ovation at the Billboard Awards in 1993 for her performance of "I Have Nothing." Checkout GLEE's performance of the amazing power ballad!

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I love how they assigned this Whitney Houston song to Kurt. It holds such a powerful emotion especially with the Kurt and Blaine story line. I definitely am excited to see how this song's scenes play out on this week's Glee episode.

Chris Colfer effectively conveys his feelings through song; not only with his vocal talent but with his ability to communicate the emotion through his acting. Wonderful talent indeed.

Thanks for the FLF warning shot! I will prepare for the crying session that is bound to happen with this week's Glee.

please, everyone. if you're going to hate on it, just don't listen to it!
you don't need to completely bash it. it's getting rather rude.
love above all else, guys. don't have anything nice to say? say nothing.

gingerbunny, opinion. i know quite a few people that actually loved this.
so just because YOU say that it's awful, doesn't mean everyone thinks that.

This was absolutely beautiful, it almost seems that you all are just trying to find something to hate. I feel that this the best cover of them all.
You're all forgetting how soft Whitney herself has performed this; it's supposed to be soft as it helps with the emotion. Chris Colfer has a beautiful voice, and this was amazing. Just because he isn't belting like Whitney doesn't mean he is lacking a range and is a horrible singer. It fits majorly well with the context. This is coming from a music fan and I love both. There's no need to compare, oh my god.

I love whitney so much!

I really love this song that she made because this song right here really speaks to me i mean all her songs does because she is a great writter and a woman who as a great voice that will always be missed...

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