GLEE'S FIRST LISTEN FRIDAY - "I HAVE NOTHING" | The Official Whitney Houston Site



Whitney received a standing ovation at the Billboard Awards in 1993 for her performance of "I Have Nothing." Checkout GLEE's performance of the amazing power ballad!

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Chris is a counter tenor. He has the range.

They have to kiss after that O_O

LOL @ SUPRECALI you aint right, Blaine's bald spot is cute hahahaha

Who is this woman singing?! SMH

I'm with STEPBYSTEP39 - but to say it sucked was actually paying it a compliment.

It was disgraceful. Just the thought of having an entire episode of these people murdering Whitney's music is scary, and just reminds me why I never watched this junk to begin with.

I'm even further troubled by the fact that they've published it on this site. Just.. awful.

Well if he is such this great countertenor you say....
where was this RANGE when he obviously needed it....

This is AMAZING!!! Chris Colfer is AMAZING!!!!! I can't wait for this episode on Tuesday!!!!

Great job Christopher! I can't wait for Tuesday's episode. Why so much hate over these songs? Rejoice!

Chris, you have the voice of an angel! This was beautiful and emotional. I cannot wait to see this scene on Tuesday. Replaying this over and over.
I think its so awesome this was filmed on Klaine's anniversary. Very fitting. <3

im not a huge fan of chris's voice but he killed this song ,it sounds fantastic. Most of you are mad because amber isnt singing it. She sings 2 whitney songs plus the one she sang in heart. Great job chris, definitely buying this.