Are you loving GLEE's tribute to Whitney Houston? Then you'll love their rendition of the song that won Whitney a Grammy in 2000, "It's Not Right But It's Okay". Check it out here.

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Oh baby !!!! You're angry and sad my baby.

aw, blaine. okay he sounds great but I really can't with the remix - feeling a bit dizzy. still waiting for kurt's solo! Laughing out loud

This sounded really, really good. Maybe too loud in the beat department, but his voice sounds great.

LOVE it! But what don't I love about GLEE (Amber is my "next Whitney".... she's the only one that can even come close to the original.)

Love it and you would be very proud of it...Think about you all the time Whitney and can not believe you are gone....miss you much!!!!!!!!

Darren did an awesome job! So cool to hear a male version of this song. Am sure Whitney would have approved. RIP Whitney, you are missed!

oh, darren. never, ever stop being amazing. <3
and please, people. if you're going to hate? don't comment. it's that simple.
love above all else.

i take it the best tv couple the loves of my life is breaking up they havent kissed or even touched each other since the 5th episode of season 3 this makes me angry as hell

Love it!! Darren Killed it!

Lots of angst for Blaine this season. This song says a lot about what Klaine is going through. *sniff* But the passion and angst of the song are certainly evident. Darren did well in his rendition of this Whitney Houston song.

As an aside. Wonder if they used the same table from the original video.