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Watch the ‘Sparkle’ Trailer


The trailer for Sparkle has now been released.Take a look at Whitney shine in her last film below and stay tuned for more Sparkle news.

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Can't wait to see the movie will probably go more than 1 time !!!

Her voice her instrument
Played without peer
With emotion, with grace, with unparalleled skill

No apologies needed for Louis
Ella, Frank, or Billie

Eons from now wondering
About the sound of these times
The one they will turn to
Whitney Elizabeth Houston

A solitary voice
Above the modern madness
A voice of humanity and love

Her cross carried with dignity
Her burden heavy

She’s gone home now

Listening every day
O kindred soul
The tears continue to fall

©2012 T

Whitney's leaving still has not registered in my mind or in my heart . I have always been a Cissy Houston fan and in a way it's like Whitney was my daughter too. When Whitney hurt - I hurt. Like her mom Cissy I wanted to hold and hug her - let her know much we love her and tell her that everything was going to be just fine. Now for sure everything is just that - fine. Rest in peace dear heart and never cease singing for us. I hear you always. , Peace, Blessings and Love to Cissy, Bobbi Kristina and the Houston family. Clara Breland

I still miss my girl can't wait to see your movie Whitney, I'm so proud of your accomplishments you made in life. You still live thru your music.

Su, te convido a ver esse filme da nossa Whitney no cinema junto ... ker?
AMV ...
Bernd Smile


I am 46 years old...I grew up with Whitney's music. I love her music, it always makes me cry , especially the song "The Greatest Love". Whitney's music will always be in my heart. We will miss you.

Yours truely,


I can hardly wait for the movie and the soundtrack. Whitney, Girl, you sound great! Miss you soooooooooo much.......

Dear Whitney. We will always love you.No matter where you are.

Whitney..You are truly missed..i have been praying for your family, friends, and fans..especially your mom and daughter. It is still surreal..and seems like a very bad dream..that I am hoping to awaken from...