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Watch the ‘Sparkle’ Trailer


The trailer for Sparkle has now been released.Take a look at Whitney shine in her last film below and stay tuned for more Sparkle news.

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Looking forward to seeing this movie, you look amazing gone but not forgotten.

I miss my girl Whitney Houston who has been my favorite singer since I was younger. I liked the trailer and I'm looking forward to seeing this movie when it comes out. I wanted so much for Whitney to get back everything that was lost and I had been talking to my sister and daughter about how nice it would be for her to do another movie and then next then I heard she was taping for Sparkle. I wish she was here to enjoy the fruit of her labor and see this movie reach its heights, but I'm just glad she will still get her last Hoorah! Just think of the special treat this will be to all us Whitney Houston fans and even to her family. God Bless You Whitney and may you RIP in the loving arms of Our God in Heaven in Jesus Name.

Mrs.Keri Lee

Contando os dias.. Será maravilhoso!

I cannot wait until Aug!!!! I am definately excited to see our Angel's last movie performance! Its going to be great! R.I.Paradise

Sweet Whitney, I beieve this was done like everything that she has done from the heart. Cannot wait to see the movie! Rest In Peace, The Voice!

To 'missinmesomewhitney',

Oh, what a wonderful feeling it must have been to meet such a beautiful angel! I'm sure it was a true blessing indeed to feel her warmth and gracious hugs and kisses. Cherish that moment in time forever, I never had the opportunity to meet our sweet Whitney here on earth but we must all meet again one glorious day! God bless you

This is beautiful. I can't wait to watch it in full.

I am so ready to see this movie. I am glad she had a chance to complete it before she left this earth. Love you Whitney!!!

I would love to see this movie! Already love it! Hope it's also soon in cinemas in the Netherlands!

I will love and cherish this movie, miss you Whitney.