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‘The Bodyguard’ Re-Release This Wednesday, March 28th


The Bodyguard will be re-released for one night only this Wednesday, March 28th in theatres nationwide. For theatres and tickets visit fathomevents.com here.

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Missing whitney houston everyday. god is taking good care of her. whitney i honor you with everything you have accomplished.

I'm so there to see the "BodyGuard" on March 28th!! I know we all have busy lives and money may be tight for some but Whitney gave her all to her fans even when she didn't have the strength at times. I know it's been said a few times now but let's please show some love and support for our girl Whitney!

Hello all you Whitney supporters. I hope your day was filled with the fullness only God can give. I think it would be a wonderful idea to start an I Look to You /Didn't Know My Own Strength support network in cities,nations, around the world. She supported us with her songs we must pull on the same God she clung to and the One who held her. Whitney pointed us to God thru her songs she knew her frailty yet leaned on God and even when she weakend God carried her in life and to sleep and rest. She had the same struggles and triumphs common to all of us yet she was able to weave the Thread of Faith in her life. Lets keep the life going thru encouraging on another to move forward and to keep the Faith. At the movie end with a prayer and maybe look to just getting together once or twice a year to keep this going....I think this would do us all a lot of good

I love Whitney forever! How many times is displayed The Body Guard, I'll watch!! Whitney is part of my life!! I love Whitney!!!!

KIMBERLYN36 said it best! Many times when Whitney didn't want to do something that was asked of her, she did it anyway. Sadly, that sometimes meant living her life in despair and alone. Let's all get out there and take a stand for this woman who had an eternal heart! Luv U all! -Peace, WR

Hope u guys will go to theatres in numbers and watch The Bodyguard! I'm going to buy myself this movie on saturday i saw it displayed in a local music shop. so, u guys in USA ( Whitney's fans) enjoy the movie! Love Whitney so much.....

Whitney ,

God Gave Us You . Thank You For Blessing Us All With Your Gift . The Spirit and Love Lives On ....

Have a great time tonight, everyone! I'm sure we'll cry our eyeballs out. -Peace

I never tire of seeing "The Bodyguard" ........ It will always be my favorite movie.
Eternal Diva!!

Hard to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Bodyguard, knowing in the heart of hearts Whitney passed on. I am going to see Sparkle later this year, to see what Whitney did brilliantly before she passed on. God bless you sweet voice. You are always going to be loved Whitney Houston, no matter what.